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This week, PBS KIDS announced a brand new app called WILD KRATTS World Adventure. A must have-app for fans of the popular PBS KIDS series, WILD KRATTS, World Adventure brings animal science to life! Through 30 levels of game play, WILD KRATTS World Adventure helps build key skills and encourages science inquiry. With the app, children ages 4 to 8 can tilt and tap their way through games that help them learn how different animals live and adapt to their habitats.  My daughter liked playing the woodpecker game where she had to keep pecking at the tree to get at the bug.  Once she got the bug, she received points and moved up levels.  The whole time she is competing against an actual woodpecker on the other side of the tree and it is a race to see who will get to the bug first.

Next game we played was the Dolphin Trash Collector where she played a dolphin and had to pick up trash in the ocean.  I liked that this game teaches kids about keeping our oceans clean!  By tilting the device, you can make the dolphin jump up and down and collect the trash.  You even can take a Creature Power Selfie and use this image during the game – the dolphin turns from being one of the Kratt brothers to your child’s face.  This feature in apps is always a winner in our house!  My daughter likes to make goofy pictures of herself – as I am sure most kids do.





Additional features include:

  • ·         Over 60 stickers and “Wow facts”
  • ·         Kids can take their own creature power “selfies”
  • ·         An Orangutan creature power game that lets kids tilt their device back and forth to imitate the swing of the Orangutan.
  • ·         A Woodpecker creature power game that lets kids imitate the strong beak of the woodpecker by tapping on trees to listen and find beetles.
  • ·         A Dolphin creature power suit game that lets kids swim and jump with dolphins as they tilt their device to clean up trash in the ocean.




The Orangutan game was fun as well.  Again, just tilt the device to move your orangutan and collect the fruit hanging on the trees.  If you don’t grab the fruit in time, you fall down the tree poles, but immediately climb back up – ready for action.  Each game teaches children about wildlife and the importance of caring for Planet Earth.  A perfect app to get to celebrate and support Earth Day on April 22nd!





We enjoyed playing with the new WILD KRATSS World Adventure by PBS Kids as we are big fans of the Kratt brothers.

PBSKids.Wild Kratts World Adv. iconThe app is available in iTunes:

Check out our interview with the Kratt brothers here:

And make sure to check out the PBS Kids website – they are a great resource for educational games, activities and much more:




Kate’s Take:

New Addition:  We are adding some feedback from my little helper, Kate, and getting her “take” on apps, books, games, etc.  Here is what she has to say about the new app WILD KRATTS World Adventure by PBS Kids.

Favorite Animation:  Probably the part where you get to take your picture and when you get to play the woodpecker game.

Favorite Thing about the app:  I liked the orangutan game because you can be like a monkey and swing in the trees.

Rates It:  Out of the categories: Spilt Milk (so-so), Caught the Drift (good), and Nailed It (excellent) Kate gives it a “Nailed It.”

Overall:  The app is an app where you learn about three animals: the dolphin, the orangutan, and the woodpecker.  I like taking the Creature Power Selfie because you can do the silliest face ever!


Note:  We work with PBS Kids as one of their PBS Kids VIP (Very Involved Parent) program and were provided a code to facilitate this review.  This did not affect our opinion in any way – we love the Wild Kratts!

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