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The first thing that came to mind when I opened up the new eBook by Barcelona-based Bee Square, The Golden Trophy, are the wonderful illustrations because they remind me of the classic Golden Books (with a modern twist) that we grew up with as kids.  You have the option to have the story read to you with or without the text. You can even choose which language you want the story read in and include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.  When you start the story, we are told that Sheldon the Tortoise is so happy because he won the golden trophy and there is a cute image him holding the trophy and when you touch him he jumps up and yells YAY!  The storyteller says “Great Job Sheldon!”  But the poor hare is moping next to Sheldon on the winners stand in second place.  Apparently 2nd place is not the place the hare wanted.  Other animals we see are a mole (who won 3rd place), a fox, a koala bear, panda pear, raccoon and blue bird who are there supporting their friends who placed in the race.




There is an arrow that takes you to the next page where we find Sheldon fishing by his home on the lake. When you touch him he strains and pulls and catches a fish!  The storyteller is great and asks questions like “How are the fish today?”  and “Lovely day, isn’t it?”  I want to join Sheldon and his friends by the lake!  It looks so peaceful and you can hear the birds chirping, water swishing around and frogs croaking looking for their next tasty (to them at least) fly. When you touch the sun it changes into night and we see some hares overlooking Sheldon’s house.  Hmmm, what are these pesky critters up to?!  We are told to give the door a knock as Sheldon is inside and to join him in his house.  We see that Sheldon has snuggled into bed reading a book.  We are asked what type of book do we think he is reading?  And what types of stories do we like.  I like that this engages the reader and gets them thinking about their favorite stories.  When we touch the overhead light (that looks like it is filled with fireflies), it turns off and Sheldon yawns and goes to sleep.




That’s when these pesky rabbits make an appearance! You can see one peeking in the window.  Another one behind his bed, another hiding behind his bedside table with a big and mischievous smile on his face.  The whole time this rather suspenseful music is playing in the background.  I love how this story takes the reader on an adventure!  Questions parents and educators can ask include “What do you think they are doing in his room?”  We soon find out that they are there to take his trophy!  The storyteller asks us “What are they doing?!”  “They know it isn’t nice to take things that aren’t ours!”   Ah, important life lessons at an early age.  I can remember this was something my daughter and her pals had to learn early on – that taking our friends things isn’t nice.  I think this aspect of the story addresses the concept of sharing with others and to be respectful of our friends things.




In the next scene we find the hare’s in their rabbit hole “Aaahing” and “Ooohing” the trophy that one of the rabbits is holding over his head.  Poor Sheldon is looking from above the top of the rabbit hole looking down at the rabbits cheering.  The storytellers tells us to help Sheldon, and once we touch the golden trophy, it flips through the air and lands in Sheldon’s hands!  Yay, he got his trophy back, only to the demise of the rabbits.  Seeing their face when it flips through the air is pretty funny and sure to get some laughs from the kids!




Once the trophy is in Sheldon’s hand we move to the next page and see Sheldon racing back home through the forest.  But close on his heels are the rabbits!  “Don’t let them get that trophy,” we are told by the storyteller.  Every time we touch Sheldon he moves behind another tree, out of the hare’s way.  This is such a fun story to read with your children.  I really like the suspense of helping Sheldon get his hard-earned trophy back from the rabbits plus the positive message it sends about not taking things that aren’t ours.  I don’t want to tell too much of the story, but we have another surprise critter who takes the trophy and brings it to his pals who all cheer and yell “HA HA!”





The animations are simple but are quite fun.  For instance, when you touch Sheldon, he will  jump up and down once we help him build a new trophy.  At the end of the story we are asked if we want to hear it again or move on and play some mini games. This feature is also at the beginning of the eBook.  The games include a Tap A Mole and Puzzle Game.  There is a timer on both games which I think is a nice addition as I know my daughter loves to beat the clock!  Another feature I like is how you have the option to go to a chapter that you liked at any time by just pushing the home button.  When you tough the Chapters section, it takes you to the list of chapters that are quite magical.  Sunny Meadows, Sheldon’s Island, Bed Time, Fable Forest and several more.  This is nice to have because I know there are usually parts of stories my daughter likes best and this provides a quick way to access the favorites. I would say this eBook is best suited for children ages 2 up to 7 years of age.


About Bee Square:

Bee Square is a game studio located in Barcelona. The company was founded in June 2012, with a mission to create fun and engaging game experiences.
We launched our first game Run Sheldon in March 2013, and recently we have launched our second product Sheldon’s Bedtime Stories: The Golden Trophy, an ebook for children. Our future plans include keep working in mobile games, always keeping high standards of quality and fun.


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  1. Jennifer Maples says:

    The animals. My son loves animal stories. :)

  2. Angie Gorz says:

    My son will like the animals and animation the most. :)

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