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When Regnery Kids contacted me about reviewing Jimmy Osmond’s children’s book Awesome Possum Family Band I jumped at the chance.  I use to watch The Osmonds on TV and loved the Donny & Marie show so much. I was so enthralled with the crew, my mother had a friend who worked with them over at ABC (remember back in the day when there were only 12 stations?) and was able to get a signed photograph of them.  I can still remember how excited I was and the autographed photo was my prized possession for years! Talk about memory lane!  Jimmy is the youngest of the Osmond Family and shares his personal story of finding his special talent to bring to the Osmond Family band. As the youngest, Jimmy reached out to his older siblings to dabble in their special talents, but with no luck in finding his own. With the help and patience of his Mother, Jimmy was able to find his talent with a lot of practice and persistence—which was singing!  If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s  you might have had a crush on any of the adorable Osmond brothers!  I do believe this was my first celebrity crush at the sweet age of 9!  The Osmond’s are such a talented family and check out their awesome moves in this fun YouTube clip of them in 1971 on the Flip Wilson Show.


I really enjoyed reading  The Awesome Possum Family Band with my daughter.  The Awesome Possum band gets an invitation to make their big TV debut, but Number Nine has no talent to contribute. He wants so bad to share the experience with his beloved family. With the help of Mother Possum, Number Nine is encouraged to “practice practice practice” until he finds what he loves doing. He discovers his talent—and his vocal pipes!  Each Osmond is portrayed as a band member and we cheer for Possum Number Nine as he sets off to discover his special talent.  The illustrations are wonderful and the characters so charming.  I like that the story encourages kids to following their dreams and to work hard.  Through Awesome Possum Jimmy encourages children to find their talent with practice and persistence.

We had a chance to interview Jimmy Osmond about what it was like as the youngest child in this musical family and how the inspiration came about to write Awesome Possum Family Band.





I grew up watching your show on TV and absolutely loved it!  What was it like growing up in such a musical family?

I thought every kid did what I did. There was a lot of pressure but I didn’t do it alone and that’s the special part.

I had amazing experiences with what are known today as Legendary artists that I keep private because if you tell people they don’t even believe you anyway :-)

Was there a particular moment or event that gave you the idea for your new children’s book Awesome Possum Family Band?

I just thought that as I looked at my life I realized that my parents had given me the ability to fill that everyone has a part to play, in today’s world, you see a lot of kids that are lost and don’t realize how much potential they have so I hope this book can in some small way, encourage kids to go for their dreams

I read that the launch of the book, Regnery Kids and you are partnering with Children’s Miracle Network. For every book sold one will be donated to a local CMN hospital library.  How did this collaboration come about?

I sit on the board of the children’s miracle network and it is an organization that was originally formed by my mother and it was called the Osmond foundation and is now known today as the children’s miracle network and it helps over 17 million children each year having raise close to $5 billion dollars for kids.

I love to contribute to the cause in any way I can as it is close to my heart.
And kids books and kids seem to go together right?
Any news you want to share with Penelope’s mates?

Just what the book says, believe in yourself and your dreams just might come true :-)  thanks for your nice review.

Thank you so much for your time. I really enjoyed reading your book!  Mr. Osmond is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Children’s Miracle Network, which has raised more than $4.7 billion dollars to benefit children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.  For each book sold, they will be donating a book to a CMN hospital!  Very cool!  You can purchase Jimmy Osmond’s Awesome Possum Family Band on Amazon.
And good news – we have two hardcover copies ($16.99) to hand out for a giveaway!  Good Luck!



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