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Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by dinosaurs.  I mean really, these huge beasts walked our lands!  We do still have some dinosaurs left today but much smaller than say the T-Rex or my all-time favorite Stegosaurus.  Great white sharks, alligators and sea turtles have been around for a long time.  There isn’t anything quite like the black eyes of a Great White is there?!  Last year we had the chance to review Dinosaur Zoo and I was so impressed with how life-like the dinosaurs are in the app.  They make great sounds and move just like what you image these beasts would have been like back in the day.

 Dotnamestudios, creator of the acclaimed Dinosaur Zoo app (Educational App of the Year 2011, 2012 and featured on Apple’s 2013
“Together” commercial) now brings you more high-end CG dinosaur fun with their new release, Let’s Paint Dinosaurs.

This is the perfect app for any dinosaur-loving kid or kid-at-heart. The first page opens up and we have the option to send an email to their Fan Club which notifies you when there are additional dinosaurs to paint or other cool dinosaur apps coming out from Dotnamestudios.  You also have a chance to WIN a T-Rex tooth replica!  All you have to do is paint a Dino, take a photo of it and email or submit it from the gallery to Dotnamestudios.  The contest started July 1st and will last for 5 weeks (so make sure to enter soon).  Each week the judges will collect their favorite images and select their favorites.  After 5 weeks (from July 1st), the finalists will be voted for on Facebook by the fans.  Details of the competition can be found on their website.

When you touch the T-Rex (see above) you are taken into the jungle, where we find dinosaurs growling, birds chirping, and lots of interesting sounds going on in the lush jungle.  The app ships with 3 dinosaur canvases and additional dino-packs are available in sets of four for 0.99 USD.

We went with the T-Rex pack and were taken to another page that offered four color choices including a zebra print.  It was fun to see what we could come up with.  Once you take a photo of your masterpiece, you can send it or post it on Facebook.  I like the feature that sounds out the name of the dinosaurs and shows you an image of the dinosaurs standing next to a human so you can get an idea of how large they were!




 Let’s Paint Dinosaurs is a kids’ painting app that paints super-realistic dinosaurs onto the camera view and then photographs them
 wherever you want – in your backyard, in the swimming pool, in a jungle, in a park, or just eating your siblings at breakfast. Let’s
Paint Dinosaurs turns the world into a dinosaur sticker album.  Watch a YouTube video here.


Kids can have fun painting dinosaurs that look like the real deal- or go with zebra stripes or pink. Let’s Paint Dinosaurs uses museum-spec CG dinosaurs as a layered canvas. The color brushes paint to reveal a dinosaur of that color.  Once your dino is crafted in color it is time to
dino-bomb!  The background behind the dinosaur is your camera view so you can simply point and shoot to place your dinosaur in your photos.
Imagine using this photo’s for your Christmas card! This is one of the best features! See the one below.  It looks like she is petting this dinosaur!  You can just image how much fun your kids will have placing these dinosaurs around your house and neighborhood.  I took one of a T-Rex in my living room coming through our back door!
LetsPaintDinosaurs.Photo 03-06-2014 11 44 27

News from the developer:

Features and in-app purchases

Let’s Paint Dinosaurs is a free, universal app. It syncs on both your iPhone and iPad and makes use of Apple’s new “family-friendly” feature,
meaning it automatically gets shared to all the iOS devices in the family. The app ships with 3 dinosaur canvases and additional dino-packs
 are available in sets of four for 0.99 USD. Dinosaur canvases come with  a pronunciation guide and a scale checker to indicate the size of the
various dinosaurs, which range from the spaniel-sized Coelophysis to the cathedral-sized Argentinosaurus. Photos are automatically saved in your
 local album and to your iOS photos. In-built social sharing features makes sharing a click-away.

Prizes and future development
Through July and August 2014, Let’s Paint Dinosaurs is running a photo competition for the best dino-pics and you stand to win one of four
full-size replica T. rex teeth. Fun photos and celebrity dino-bombs definitely get extra points! Dotnamestudios is already hard at work
preparing more dinosaurs for the ever-hungry dino fan base. They also plan to introduce a scale feature in the near future, to adjust the size
 of your dinosaur on the camera view once you have finished painting it.
About Dotnamestudios
Dotnamestudios has been involved in Prehistoric reconstructions for over 20 years and have established themselves as the go-to guys for
high-end Dinosaur visualizations for Dorling Kindersley, Scholastic and Pearson education. Their work can be seen in over 30 print publications
and a wide range of digital media. They have worked with paleontologists, museums and dinosaur exhibitions across the globe and
have a host of awards and accolades including:
Featured on Apples “Together” commercial
Educational App of the year 2012 [Daily telegraph]
Educational App of the Year [AppWorld] App of the Week [Gizmodo]
Top rankings include
#1 on over 20 Stores ( Educational )
#36 Overall US store
Featured on New York 1 news channel and numerous print app
You can find Let’s Paint Dinosaurs at the iTunes store: and make sure to follow them on Facebook!

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