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Budge Studios™, the world’s leading ‘freemium’ kids app company, and Crayola, the brand that powers children’s creativity, announced recently the release of their first app together, Crayola Nail Party. The app encourages kids to use their imagination to create the ultimate manicure, using a variety of fab polishes, patterns, glitters, stickers and designs.

Budge Studios partners with Crayola to launch Crayola Nail Party, the trendiest ‘hands-on’ after school app-tivity of the year.  When Budge Studios asked me to review their latest app, Crayola Nail Party, I was happy to try it out!  What a fun way to style your little girls nails without the smell or toxins!  I have been trying to get my eight year old into painting her nails and this app did the trick.  Especially because you can do just about any design you want – your nails can be pink and sparkly or cool with a tiger design.  The skies the limit with your options.


I think this would be perfect at your daughter’s next sleep over!  This game is the first of it’s kind and offers all fun and no mess.  It reminded me of the time my daughter and I were heading to a friend’s birthday party and she wanted to paint her nails this really bright pink.  I told her to wait one minute that I would be right back to help her (she was about 4 years old).  Next thing I know, she had opened up the bottle and spilled some on her brand new white pants.  Never mind we were literally heading out the door to the party =)  What can you do?!  But this game offers a way for the kids to have fun styling their nails (without any mess) on the pre-designed illustrated hands or they can even take a photo of their own hands and use it as a canvas. It really would be a hit at your next party or sleepover as friends can take turns styling each others nails.



Crayola Nail Party features include:

  • Create super stylish nail designs –even on your own hands
  • Select your favorite nail polish from a variety of Crayola colors
  • Dissolve nail polish with a cotton ball if you make a mistake
  • Add trendy patterns and use the slider to change color and size
  • Glam up your designs with glitter, stickers and gems
  • Have a photo shoot and share your creations with friends





Endless Number of Design Possibilities:

You have the option to try the app out or unlock the full version for $4.99.   It is currently on sale from it’s usual price of $6.99.  I like that you can take a photo of your own hand and use it to create different designs.  You can take a picture of either hand – there is an option to take a photo of either your right or left hand. That way, you can do both! If you chose to go with the hand image you can chose what color hand you want – light, medium or dark colored is available.  You even get to change the background.   One of my favorite options was to choose which shape you want.  This is great as it teaches our girls that you can request a nail shape so when they get their first real manicure – they will be pros!

I have always been a fan of square rounded nails,  but you have to unlock the full version to get this shape and other unlimited possibilities! There are several options available in the free app as well!  We went with red nails (love red)  with sparkles.  There is a wheel of different colors to choose from.  We really liked the blue checkered patterns offered.  There really are so many options – even some cute polka dots that went over our sparkly red nails.  There is a scale so if you want to make the polka dots really large just push it down towards the minus button – but if you want them really small, move the button up towards the plus button.  Endless possibilities! The stickers were fun (loved the smiling and giggling Panda Bear) and we added some stylish gems as well!

And if you make a mistake or want to change the color, there is a cotton ball to wipe away what you painted.  Very clever!  You do each nail one at a time, so you have the option to make each nail different, or the same – it is up to you!  I must admit I had fun painting my nails and my daughter had fun too – and she is a bit of a tomboy as many of you know!  Really, this app is about being creative and having fun.  Painting your nails to your hearts desire should be an indulgence we all experience!




News from the Developer Budge Studios:

“It’s all about combining classic arts n’ crafts activities and digital technologies,” says Michael Elman, Co-CEO of Budge Studios. “As a parent, I was so excited to see my two girls playing together – interacting and happily sharing an iPad.”

“At Crayola, we are all about sparking creativity in online and offline experiences. This new app is a fun, relevant and highly engaging activity for kids of all ages,” says Warren Schorr, Vice President of Licensing at Crayola.



Crayola Nail Party is now available for free with in-app purchases on the App Store for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch or at The Android version is coming soon.

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Today’s review is brought to you by Budge Studios.


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