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Peanuts: Creative Inventors, Daring Explorers, Champions of Change.

The Peanuts gang embarks on brand-new adventures highlighting the exceptional people who make America great!


American history is filled with heroes from every walk of life, and we want our kids to learn about them!  Who better to teach kids about American history and its heroes than the beloved Peanuts characters who have captured the hearts of generations? Little Patriot Press’s (a Regnery imprint) newest series of children’s books uses familiar storylines from the Peanuts canon to bring alive American history. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang will teach children about what makes America strong and the lessons we have learned over the past 250 years.  What’s the Big Idea, Charlie Brown?, Where Are You Going, Charlie Brown?, and Who Cares, Charlie Brown? focus on inventors, explorers, and heroes, all of whom demonstrate that wonderful combination of American creativity and can-do spirit. These fully illustrated books will feature brand-new stories written for children ages 4 through 8, along with kid-friendly biographies and activity pages.


Not only did Charles M. Schulz create this lovable crew, he was also an innovator and a lifelong learner.  He won the School Bell Award from the National Education Association in 1950! His love for learning and the creation of the Peanuts has provided a wonderful opportunity for Little Patriot Press and licensed Peanuts illustrator to bring these new books to life!  I asked the folks over at Little Patriot Press about how the collaboration came about and this is what she said: “This collaboration has been in the works for a long time, we actually have plans for a total of 12 books to be released, in sets of 3 each time. We actually have a licensing agreement with Peanuts Worldwide to do this and the illustrator is a licensed Charles M Schulz illustrator! Its all very exciting!”


I absolutely LOVE the Peanuts and carried my stuffed Snoopy around for years when I was a kid!  It is exciting to see them in a series of books that help teach our kids about American History.  I even had the chance to tell his son, Craig Schulz, that I adore the Peanuts at an event celebrating Camp Snoopy’s 30th Year Anniversary at Knott’s Berry Farm! You can read more about our interview with him in which he hints about which character his father created after him! With original stories featuring our favorite Peanuts gang, children will learn about Great Inventors, Great Explorers and Great Heroes in American History.  My daughter really enjoys learning about American History and this is such a fun way to introduce her to some of the greatest people our country has seen.


Good news!  We have one hardcover book (winner chooses which book they would like) to hand out!  Good luck mates!




Also available is Who Cares, Charlie Brown?


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You can read more about Little Patriot Press here. All three books will be available on, Barnes & Noble, Bam! Books A Million   What’s the Big Idea, Charlie Brown? Hardcover   • 2014  •  $16.99 Regnery Publishing, Inc.  • ISBN 978-1621572572

Charlie Brown and his friends are throwing a party to celebrate great inventions! To prepare for the party, everyone in the Peanuts gang is coming up with a favorite “big idea” from history. But Charlie Brown has a problem: he can’t think of any big ideas! Rediscover history’s great inventions—and learn about a very important inventor you’ve never even heard of before—in this fun and enlightening new Peanuts story. Book includes presentations on great inventors and activity pages.


Where Did You Go, Charlie Brown? Hardcover   • 2014  •  $16.99 Regnery Publishing, Inc.  • ISBN 978-1-62157-258-9

Charlie Brown and his friends are embarking on a day of adventures! As the Peanuts gang explores the outdoors, the kids decide to reenact the feats of great explorers they learned about in school. Retrace the remarkable journeys of men and women who tread new ground—including one woman you’ve never heard of before—in this exciting new Peanuts adventure. Book includes presentations on great explorers and activity pages.


Who Cares, Charlie Brown? Hardcover   • 2014  •  $16.99 Regnery Publishing, Inc.  • ISBN 978-1-62157-259-6

Charlie Brown and his friends are hitting the baseball field for a long day of fun in the sun! But the game turns into something more when the Peanuts gang starts learning about the many men and women who changed the course of history by helping their fellow humans. This touching ode to some of the world’s great humanitarian heroes—including one forgotten hero who helped little kids!—will warm hearts and inspire. Book includes presentations on great humanitarian heroes and activity pages.

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