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This is my favorite time of year – not only do we have Halloween and Christmas but also Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th!  This year we are celebrating with a Talk Like A Pirate Facebook Party on September 19th from 5:30 pm PST to 6:30 pm PST!  We will be handing out some pirate booty including codes from some of your favorite developers and authors such as Blue Sandpiper Imprints Axe’s Monster Fest, SoGaBee’s Math Facts Fun and The Human Body Detectives.  We will also have some codes from PicPocket Books and Twinkle Twinkle Nighty Night, Treasure Kai, Purple Carrot Books and some from PBS Kids.

And guess what?! Both versions of Penelope the Purple Pirate (iPhone version) and Penelope HD will be FREE on September 19th for one day only! We don’t put our apps for free often (we need to eat too =) so make sure to grab it and tell ye mateys!




Part of the fun of Talk Like A Pirate Day is meeting the folks who love pirates as much as we all do!  Make sure to check out our interview with the Founders of Talk Like A Pirate Day, Cap’n Slappy and Chumbucket and find out how a game of tennis (while speaking in pirate) inspired them to create this day!  And I wanted to introduce you Clint Perry who heads up the Boo Hoo Crew.  They  are based in San Diego. This crew likes to have some fun and are at most pirate events in Southern California.  They even invited Penelope to be a part of their new video Pirate Girls!  It was so much fun seeing her animated!  We will have some of their Shake Your Pirate Booty CD’s to hand out at the party on Friday night here but they are also offering some as a giveaway!  Good luck mates!

I had a chance to interview Clint about his crew and what was the inspiration behind Pirate Girls!


Could you tell me what inspired you to start the Boo Hoo Crew?  This is from our About page and still is the best description of why we started. Really cause of my kids :-) — “The Boo Hoo Crew was starting to form in the winter of 2011 after Clint had self-published a kids book called “Pack Rat Pat, Don’t Take That!” He went to a few local libraries and read it to the kids but ended up playing a few kids songs to go along with it. One thing led to another and, without really realizing it, the next thing you know Clint is fronting a band of parents playing original kids tunes: Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew.  We’ve since evolved our name into just “The Boo Hoo Crew” or “The BHC” as our music has progressed into a more “mature” style. We want parents to rock out too, but to know, with certainty, that the words are safe for everyone. The biggest compliment we get is when a mom says, “I drove all the way to work the other day, had your CD on, and didn’t even realize I was listening to my kids music.”


And where do you get your ideas for your songs? Again, Kids, but not just my kids. all the kids we meet. We have a song called “Music Time” inspired by one of our oldest fans and his first days in preschool. Or “Big Sister” by another fans. Then there’s “Vroom” inspired by my oldest song. Sometimes they are just inspired by a random “diddy” I start singing in my head, but kids are definitely the main influence. Oh, and Pirates. :-)


How did Pirate Girls come about? I’m really not sure, actually. :-)  I’ve thought about this question since I saw it last night and I can’t recall where it came from or when it wasn’t even written. As a man with boys, I tend to write more masculine themed songs and I really try to get some songs relatable to the girls in there, if I can. We have “Big Sister” and “Blush Brush”, “Pirate Girls” and few others from a girls perspective or about girls but those are much harder songs for me to write, seeing as I am surrounded by my three little boys all the time. :-)




And Clint mentioned the proceeds of anything we sell this week will go to, at the end of the week, The Ronald McDonald House charities in San Diego (as picked by fans).

Make sure to check out the Boo Hoo Crew here:




And for all you pirate fans – the Book App Alliance has put together a reading list of your favorite pirate stories here:. Many of these apps have been discounted in celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day so make sure to grab them at a discount while you can!




Good luck!  And make sure to stop by on Friday the 19th at our Dandelion Moms/Penelope the Purple Pirate Facebook Page here at 5:30 pm PST!  Enter our TLAP Giveaway here to WIN some more pirate booty!  We love pirate booty!


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