September 8th is International Literacy Day



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Promoting a love of reading and writing has been at the forefront of my goals as a mom and children’s book author.  I help where I can by donating books to libraries and schools, dp school readings and offer Author Skype Readings around the U.S. to encourage children to pick up a book and start reading!  We are also in our 3rd year of sponsoring the Mrs. P Be-A-Famous Writer Contest that encourages schoolchildren to write and create! But there are people worldwide who don’t have access to books or even schooling and that is where International Literacy Day comes in to help provide access to books and lifelong learning in developing countries.

September 8th is International Literacy Day and the theme this year is “Literacy and Sustainable Development”. It is celebrated worldwide and a main global celebration will take place in Dhaka, where the government of Bangladesh in cooperation with UNESCO will organize the International Conference on “Girls and women’s literacy and education: Foundations for sustainable development and awarding of UNCESCO Literacy Prizes’ in support for the UN Secretary General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI). (Source: UNESCO).

Literacy is key to empowering people and allowing them to build a foundation for lifelong learning and creating a means to providing for themselves, their families and their communities.  Knowing this and helping to build a foundation is something we can all do!  To learn how you can help UNCESCO in their efforts go here.


Why Literacy is Important:

Excerpt from UNESCO:

“Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development. Educational opportunities depend on literacy. Literacy is at the heart of basic education for all, and essential for eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development, peace and democracy. There are good reasons why literacy is at the core of Education for All (EFA). A good quality basic education equips pupils with literacy skills for life and further learning; literate parents are more likely to send their children to school; literate people are better able to access continuing educational opportunities; and literate societies are better geared to meet pressing development.”


Red more here and see how you can participate in UNCESCO’s efforts!




  1. My husband (who is an educator) and I have also worked to instill a love of literacy in our children as well. Books are the gifts that we give to kids and also, when asked – choose to receive for our kids.

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