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Three Little Pigs by Pony Apps is a wonderful interactive version of the classic story in an app format.  The app is available in Russian and English and you have the option to turn off or on the narration and sound.  On the cover page when you touch it the butterflies fly around. It’s pretty neat. So we start the story by joining three little pig brothers named Niff-Niff, Nuff-Nuff, and Naff-Naff.




This app pretty much follows the traditional story with the two brothers who decide they want to play longer and not build their houses until later, while their one brother starts on his house much earlier. The fun part of this app is that it is interactive. On pretty much all of the pages your child can touch the pigs and items on the screen and something will happen on the page.


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On this page you can make the pigs play with the ball. You also have the option for auto play or flipping the pages yourself. You’ll have to upgrade the free app to read the whole story. It is so worth it though to see all the great illustrations in this app. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my son and I did. We liked the page where you can look threw the peep hole at the pig instead. Basically the wolves view of the inside of the house. It was really neat because you can move the holes view to see all parts of the house. The developer would like you to enjoy the full story as well.

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Age: 4+

The app is Free at Itunes and Google Play store & Amazon App store


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Twitter- @ponyapps


Words from the developer:

Who does not know the tale of the Three Little Pigs? You may have watched cartoons or read books about them, but HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED? While you are reading this interactive book to your son or daughter, they will become absorbed in its action and live through all the adventures first hand. All heroes of the tale, and even inanimate objects, such as an apple tree or a house, will come to life with the touch of your child’s finger.
When Niff-Niff and Nuff-Nuff would rather play in the yard than build a house, the evil Wolf thinks he will have a chance to treat himself to fresh pork. But there is no way he will succeed! Your child knows that a safe shelter will save the pigs from any enemy, and even the fierce cold of winter. This is why your child will help Naff-Naff to build a sturdy house step by step, to protect them from the elements and the hunger of the Wolf. What are you going to do now, Wolf? Know your place!

This app does not display third party ads, and does not collect personal data.

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