Create New Thanksgiving Traditions This Holiday Season


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Create New Thanksgiving Traditions This Holiday Season


Interestingly, America is not the only country to celebrate an official Thanksgiving Day. Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Korea, Japan, Switzerland and Liberia also have an official Thanksgiving Holiday. In Canada, tomato aspic (jellied tomato juice) is an Ontario Thanksgiving tradition. Maybe you want to try something new this Thanksgiving Holiday. If so, consider one of the activities below.

1. Make Something from Scratch

Add an old family recipe to your menu. Imagine the joy Aunt Edna will feel when you make her homemade cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries. Make sure you let her know as she takes her first bite. Even if you do not have a family recipe, there is no shortage of old-fashioned Thanksgiving recipes online.


2. Have a Baking Contest

Ask everyone to bring his or her favorite dessert. Place all the desserts on a table. Assign a number to each of them. Ask your guests to vote on which dessert they like best.

3. Create a Thankful Centerpiece

A beautiful harvest-style centerpiece is the focal point of your entire table and whether you’re trying to impress or just want to create the ultimate Thanksgiving atmosphere, this is a great idea because it is simple. Fill a serving platter with artificial holiday sprigs, colorful fruit and unshelled nuts. Ask your guests add to your arrangement by writing what they are most thankful for on fall colored leaves and then add them to your centerpiece.


4. Thanksgiving Memory Journal

Create a paper journal and request that each of your guests write their fond memories in the journal. As each year passes, bring out the older journals to reminisce about years past.

5. Notes of Appreciation

Let those loved ones who couldn’t make Thanksgiving dinner know how important they are. Send them a holiday gift basket or a heartfelt note with a family photo, poem or piece of inspirational text.

6. Design a Family Cookbook

If your family has traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas foods, design a Family Cookbook. All you have to do is type the recipes into your word processing program and then print out copies. Have the children in your family decorate the pages. You can even make an actual recipe book at This site offers templates to create your family cookbook, and you can purchase a printed copy for as little as $10.

7. Create a Family Tablecloth

Use a plain white tablecloth and fabric markers. Ask your guests to personalize your tablecloth before dinner. Ask each member to write the year, what he/she is thankful for and to sign it. Continue using this tablecloth for years to come and add to it every Thanksgiving.

Ask your guests to sit in the same position at the table each year. All their memories are directly in front of them as they dine. What a great way to remember each holiday dinner.

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