App of the Week: 10 Fingers for 10 Digits

screen480x480 2When my son saw the number blocks that came in mail he was very excited to try them out with this app. He was able to figure out how the blocks worked with the app quicker than I was. In the picture above the number blocks help with identifying numbers. So you put the number 4 block on your iPad and it shows 4 ladybugs in this case as well as saying 4.



screen480x480 3

In the above picture it shows how you can still use the app without having the number blocks. So the child put 2 fingers on one side and 3 fingers on the other side to practice addition. I find this section to be very useful for my son as he will be starting to learn about math soon at school.

screen480x480 5


In the picture above the number blocks help with identifying numbers as well. So when you put 8 fingers on your iPad and it shows the number 8 as well as saying 8. I look forward to using this app with my son to help him with his numbers, retention, and then math. I believe this would be a useful app for any child starting to learn numbers. Thank you for the opportunity to review this app. ~ Jennifer Maples




Words from the developer:

This app was created to help your children learn to count up to 10, using their ten fingers.

You can play this app two ways :
with your fingers, and also with matching wooden digits.

If you already have the wooden toy
“10 digits”, you can unlock the app for free by entering the required digits on the home screen.

If you don’t have the wooden numbers, you can still unlock the app by in-app purchase.

In this app, three activities are proposed : discovery of objects collections, discovery of digits, and discovery of addition.

Marbotic created the very first connected wooden game able to interact directly with tablets.

Our aim is to associate the traditionnal game to digital, to offer to children the best of these two worlds. We created 10 wood digits, associated with 2 apps for tablets. It is about learning numbers in an intuitive way and it also includes an introduction to counting.

The wooden game set enables one to interact with tablets and engages children in greater sensorial experience.

Indeed, Marbotic develops its products referencing to Montessori teaching skills with a mix of digital technology and tangible objects in order to create fun and concrete learning experience.



Feel free to discover more news on their website


You can find 10 Fingers for 10 Digits on the App Store and Google Play.  The app costs $1.99. But if you purchase the wooden toy, the app is free and new apps will complete the game later.

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