PBS Kids and DK Publishing Focus on School Readiness



While the school year may be coming to an end, parents know that learning needs to continue through the summer months to make the transition back to school all the smoother come fall. I know that the summer slide is something that many parents are concerned with!  Research shows that reading just six books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing. (Source: Scholastic.com).


PBS KIDS and DK Publishing have joined forces to release three new games and books focused on school readiness. Together, PBS KIDS and DK Publishing incorporate everyday items into these educational products to make the learning experience more realistic and relatable for kids. New products include:


  • Get Ready For School Games: Color Match” is designed for kids to practice key skills of recognizing colors, matching colors, and more.
  • Get Ready For School Games: Number Memory” includes number cards that provide kids with an easy-to-understand visual approach on real-life problem-solving activities, such as going shopping and playing sports.
  • I’m Ready for School” is designed to support childhood development through the early years as it focuses on key concepts such as morning routines, eating breakfast, and matching shoes.

If you make reading a daily event and make it fun!  In the morning you can read the comics together or even the weather.  During the afternoon and evenings have them read a chapter and then talk to you about it.


Enjoy your summer break and make sure to take some time out for reading every day!

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