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Achoo Gaboo is a wonderful interactive children’s story that was “crafted by a small team of dreamers at Pixure Book Publishing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,” says their intro on the Grown Ups section.  I love seeing authors and developers put their heart and soul into a children’s storybook app!  And in Achoo Gaboo storybook app geared towards children 2-5 years of age, the star of this sweet tale is a blue elephant named Gaboo who will engage and entertain your kids! Created by Josie Cellone, illustrated by Timothy Banks (Wilkinson Studios) and built in Unity, Achoo Gaboo features an original soundtrack and humorous sound effects to entertain and engage early readers who are learning word association.

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Every time Gaboo achoos, kids can pop the rainbow bubbles that trumpet from his trunk and tickle his monkey friends who giggle “bless you.” Readers can tap characters, pop bubbles to hear musical chimes, play peek-a-boo with monkey friends, and slip-and-slide in a shampoo bath, among other comical interactions.

You have the option to have the narration on or off. Readers can tap characters for added dialogue and hidden one-liners, with a rhyming text that encourages language development.  When we touch Gaboo on the very first page he blows rainbow soap bubbles out his nose and they pop as they fly up into the sky.  Very sweet and I can see little ones get a real kick out of this!

There is a yellow arrow at the top right corner of each page to let the kids when to turn the page.  When you touch the little monkeys that are hanging around they say “bless you” to our friend Gaboo who seems to have a sneezing problem – so much so that he thought he might burst!  I loved the scene where he puffs and puffs and ACHOO all over the page and one of his monkey friends says “gazoonntight” in about the sweetest child’s voice ever.


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Sometimes Gaboo rather liked having this interesting skill of blowing rainbow bubbles out his nose whenever he sneezes.  He thinks it is fun to do at the waterpark or even in a parade but blowing out candles on a cake?  Probably not a good idea.  The story keeps children engaged and the illustrations are very colorful. Illustrator Timothy Banks did a wonderful job bringing Gaboo to life along with his adorable friends! The story has a good amount of interactivity for children 2 to 5 years of age.  I prefer when storybook apps let kids use their imaginations alongside the story and Achoo Gaboo really does it right.  It has enough silliness to keep the kids engaged and laughing along with their pal Gaboo.


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I bet they will get a kick out of helping him slurp up his milkshake which of course gives him BRAIN FREEZE!  You’ll have to read the story to find out the surprise ending! I think your toddlers and kindergarteners will really like this sweet story about the blue elephant Gaboo and learn some new sight words and enjoy the original soundtrack.  It would be a great bedtime story or when you want to give them some downtime.  This story has just enough interactivity but not so much that it overstimulates them before bedtime.  And what better way to fall asleep than laughing and giggling which is what they will do throughout Achoo Gaboo.




About Pixure Book Publishing: Pixure Book Publishing, based at StartUptown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, transforms children’s stories into interactive apps for a generation of digital natives. The company leverages the latest technology to publish imaginative characters and original plotlines in a feedback-rich environment to introduce story structure, build vocabulary and encourage language development with laughter.
Achoo Gaboo  is now available in the App Store!
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  1. Denise Taylor-Dennis says:

    This does sound like a story my son would enjoy.

  2. Trish Kelly says:

    Thank you so much. I used code YHFLRRNWYPJE and shared the giveaway. Adorable book!

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