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Today I am writing about one of my favorite authors!  We met through the app world  a few years back and Chris is one of those people who really works hard at providing quality storybook apps and books.  She is also a big supporter of other authors and is always willing to help out a fellow author!  She is the author of the popular The Prisoner of Carrot Castle and recently released a new Middle Grade chapter book Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully for children who can read on their own but not quite ready for the larger Middle Grade chapter books.  It is the perfect book for this in-between stage.  She says it is geared for children ages 5-8 years of age and is about a boy, Ethan, who stands up to the local bully.  Bullying is a something that most of us had experienced in some form in grade school and I think it is such an important life lesson to teach our kids how to handle this situation!  I had a chance to speak to Chris about her new book, the app industry and what advice she can give first-time or aspiring authors.




Tell us what was the inspiration behind your new story Ethan Blecher?

Ethan Blecher is every child during their struggling early years when they confront some of the toughest and more important experiences of their young lives. I wanted to write a series for kids that would appeal to their world, yet address issues that could otherwise leave serious wounds that get carried into adulthood. I wanted it to be fun, but not irreverent.

Bullying is a very real issue, always has been, but today there are younger kids committing suicide over situations that involve bullying. That’s why I wrote the first book about a bully in Ethan’s life.
Where do you find inspiration for your stories?
I drew upon real life experiences from my childhood and our son growing up. My husband also chimed in with ideas from his childhood.
You have been in the app business for several years now.  What changes have you seen and what are some recommendations you could offer aspiring eBook and app authors and developers?

The biggest change to the book app market has been the influx of the big brands like Disney. They tend to “overpower” the indie authors like myself since discovery is always a challenge. How do parents and teachers find my book among a vast sea of book apps? For this reason I became a founding member of the Book App Alliance which curates book apps by indie authors and provides a place where parents and teachers can find quality book apps . 

If you plan to make your book into an ebook or book app, make sure you are not doing it for the money because, for multiple reasons, there is virtually no money in it. However, don’t let that discourage you if your see your book as being a great interactive possibility. There are ways to create the app with a small budget either by programming yourself or using a non-programming DIY tool such as DemiBooks Composer.
Any news you want to share with Penelope’s mates?
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