Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighbhorhood


This week PBS KIDS announced the launch of Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a new app based on the hit series DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD.  Come see and explore Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood in this fun new app.

PBSKids.daniel app screenshot


We just love Daniel Tiger for many reasons!  I love how he and his friends help kids learn about the world around them in such a playful way! The new Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood app is designed for kids ages 2-5, and extends the series’ social-emotional curriculum by encouraging open-ended, imaginative play. Bringing the neighborhood directly to your fingertips, the app allows kids to visit familiar places and create stories about their friend Daniel Tiger.

If your children like Daniel Tiger, they will get a kick out of visiting the neighborhood and playing in the music store, at the doctors, and even decorate a cake at the bakery.  Warning: this might make you tempted to bake one yourself!  Yum, cake.



Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood features include:

  • Grocery Store – Fill your cart with fruits and vegetables, check out at the cash register and help the Tiger family bag their groceries.
  • Music Shop – Put on a show with lots of different instruments (there’s even a potty to remind kids of their important bathroom routines).
  • Bakery – Decorate a cake, collect baked goods in your basket or find out what’s baking in the oven.
  • Doctor’s Office – In the exam room, put Daniel on the scale and pretend with Dr. Anna’s tools. You can be the patient or the doctor!
  • Mini Games – In each location, there’s a special mini game to enrich the play experience.


You can find Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood in iTunes.

And be sure to check out PBS Kids.org for more online games and activities with your favorite PBS Kids characters.  Who is your child’s favorite?

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