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Nighty Night Construction Trucks is an interactive book app for children five and younger.  You have options to “read to me” or “read by myself”. There is a soft lullaby playing when the storybook first opens that will stop while most of the story is being told until it is time for the day to end. You are able to choose a particular page by tapping the open book icon [top left corner] on main page. It’s easy to turn the pages by tapping on an arrow at the bottom right corner of each page. The storybook app is interactive and children are able to recognize by stars and sparkles with a [very light] intensity of which item(s) on the pages. Each word is highlighted in the “read to me” option which makes it easy to follow along.




Nighty Night Construction Trucks is the second installment in the Nighty Night bedtime book series. Overall, it is the fourth storybook app released by Twinkle Twinkle Books by Alexis Purcell.  The illustrations are vivid and rich in color along with being drawn in a fashion that will resonate with the age group specified.

You do have the option to turn the music off but I’m glad I chose not to do this. As the story progressed and the lullaby started it became more and more relaxing. I even found myself calmed and ready for bed along with the kids and the construction vehicles that the story centers around. My kids thought that was very funny and that I need this bedtime story each evening maybe more than they do. I think they could be on to something there.

The story starts at the beginning of the work day introducing Max, the construction worker. Max goes through his day with the construction trucks and you’re able to see the jobs that each one is able to do [there are six in the story] as they build a school. Nighty Night Construction Trucks is set in a rhyming-verse which kids at this age especially enjoy. The construction trucks even have a pet cat named Kitty!




As the day progresses it’s time for Max to get everyone ready for bedtime. Max goes through a routine of washing the construction trucks, adding fuel, and putting air in tires. You’ll see the street sweeper as Max gives milk to Kitty. All these steps are taken in order for the construction trucks to get a good night’s rest so they will be ready for work the next day. I loved how the storybook went from being a sunny day to darker and darker as night fully approached with the lullaby added in. It also gives kids the opportunity to see that routine is normal for all. That all of us: kids, adults, and working ‘things’ must be taken care of and maintained in order to fully function properly.

All of the construction trucks go to their row [section] for the evening [on this particular page as it is interactive]. At this point the child gets to tuck them in one-by-one. From a blanket or a sleeping cap that the child will drag to the appropriate truck and then tell them goodnight. This is done for all six of the construction truck’s and allow the child(ren) to again learn their names. Even Kitty is tucked in and wished sweet dreams. They’re all fast asleep, snuggled up together and the interactive touch allows you to hear them snoring with Kitty purring happily. Now it’s time for Max to lock up for the night. You’ll see the construction trucks and Kitty asleep while the gate is closed and your child(ren) can lock the gate then turn off the light as Max tells Kitty and the construction site Nighty Night!




When you tap the arrow to go to the next page it will say/read: “The End”. If you do not want to play the two games included with this storybook app then stop here by either pressing the home icon [top right corner] or just exiting out. If you want to continue ahead for the games there is a regular “match game” that is shown first. There are 12 cards total so your child(ren) can find all six of the construction trucks introduced in the story. The second game is another match type game where you will match the truck with its name [dragging it into the appropriate square]. The names of each truck are written under the empty squares and you drag the picture into the right one. Names are not read-aloud of the construction trucks. If it is placed into the wrong box it will just bounce back; however, if placed correctly light music is played in a very short burst. The lullaby is still playing in the background while the games are being played. The last arrow you tap takes you to a page where you will find information from the author about the project team and Alexis’ wish and heartfelt hope that her books will bring joy, comfort, and happiness to all children. There is a “Grown-Ups Only” section you can tap [bottom right corner] where you have to select two numbers divisible by two with nine options given. Here parent’s are able to rate the app, gift the app, and read about their privacy policy. The three remaining storybook apps: The Turkey Who Forgot How to Gobble; Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighty Night [first installment in the Nighty Night bedtime book series]; and Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayers are shown and if you tap on the picture icon it will take you to the app store. You can tap on the picture icon for Twinkle Twinkle Books and it will take you to Alexis Purcell’s website.

Nighty Night Construction Trucks ($2.99): iTunes appstore

Nighty Nighty Construction ($2.99): Google play

Twinkle Twinkle Books by Alexis Purcell: Facebook

Twinkle Twinkle Books: website

Books available to order on Amazon (all books except Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayers available in Spanish): order books


The Turkey Who Forgot How to Gobble ($2.99; English/Spanish): iTunes appstore

Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighty Night ($2.99): iTunes appstore

Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayers ($2.99): iTunes appstore

Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayers ($2.99): Google play




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