App of the Week :: WILD KRATTS World Adventure by PBS Kids

PBSKids.Wild Kratts World Adv. icon

      This week, PBS KIDS announced a brand new app called WILD KRATTS World Adventure. A must have-app for fans of the popular PBS KIDS series, WILD KRATTS, World Adventure brings animal science to life! Through 30 levels of game play, WILD KRATTS World Adventure helps build key skills and encourages science inquiry. With the app, children ages 4 to 8 can tilt and tap their way through games that help them learn how different animals live and adapt to their habitats.  My daughter liked playing the woodpecker game where she had to keep pecking at the tree to get at the bug.  Once she got the bug, she received points and moved up levels.  The whole time she is competing against an actual woodpecker on the other side of the tree and it is a race to see who will get to the bug first. Next game we played was the Dolphin Trash Collector where she played a … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Duckie Deck Family Photo


      App Developer Duckie Deck released a really fun app this month called Family Photo. Duckie Deck's Family Photo enables you and your child to create your own set of colorful, expressive characters and bring them together for a group photo. They designed this app with toddlers in mind and the app is easy to use and engaging for young minds. With the help of Family Photo, children can capture a personalized impression of their family and friends and show their appreciation for those special relationships.  Though my daughter is in first grade, she had fun as well creating some fun "family" portraits with me.   Family Fun: As I said my daughter and I created some pretty silly looking family members.  My dad had a moustache for as long as I can remember so we had fun creating different looks with the different moustache options available to … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Jerry’s Day Out! by Ink Robin


  Since app developer Ink Robin came on the scene last year, I have been a big fan of theirs.  Some of my all-time favorite storybook apps were developed by Ink Robin. If you haven't checked out my review of Piccadilly's Circus or The Hippo, The Rhino, The Elephant... And Me - you really should.  Both stories are wonderful and the illustrations in Piccadilly's Circus are dreamy (and it is quite funny).  Ink Robin just released Jerry's Day Out and it is filled with photographs around New York that the developers took themselves.  There is a really cute map that shows you all the main hot spots in New York such as the East Village, Greenwich Village, Chelse and Soho.  Then of course you have Upper West and East Side where we find the picture of the boy - so that must be where he lives.  At any time, you can go back to the map to take a new adventure for in each city is picture of a … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: VeggieTales It’s a Very Merry Larry Christmas


  A couple years ago my daughter and went to the movie theater with some of her preschool buddies to see the VeggieTales Pirate movie and since then we have been a fan of this fun crew!  Cupcake Digital released VeggieTales It's a Very Merry Larry Christmas last month in time for the holidays.  This is such a fun app anytime of year!  The opening scene takes us to Larry the cucumber singing and asking us: "Do you like to talk with vegetables and walk down the produce aisle - then they have a show for us!".  VeggieTales... VeggieTales... is the chorus and you find yourself singing along with them.  When you touch the green arrow you are taken to elf Larry in front of the Spring Valley Mall where he is working as head elf.  It is has been a busy season for him and he wants to know if we can help him.  He reminds us that Christmas is a time for giving after … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Yo Gabba Gabba! Party in My Tummy


  We are big fans of Yo Gabba Gabba so I am super excited to review their new app by Cupcake Digital and share it with you all!  We love to watch this show and have had more than a couple dance parties in our living room dancing to the great bands and catchy songs that are featured on the show. In fact, we saw one of our favorite bands, MGMT, for the first time on Yo Gabba Gabba!   And one of our favorite songs to dance and sing along to is There's a Party in My Tummy.  If you haven't check it out yet - you must!  You can't help but smile every time you see DJ Lance Rock the Yo Gabba Gabba! crew.  One year I tried to convince my husband to go as DJ Lance for Halloween but with no success.  Something about wearing a skin-tight orange track suit threw him off.  But I deter, the Yo Gabba Gabba! Party in My Tummy app by Cupcake Digital is as fun as the … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest Princess


  New York based app developer Cupcake Digital has recently released Strawberry Princess featuring one of our favorite redheads - Strawberry Shortcake!  My niece dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake one year and looked adorable!  What's not to love about this cute character.  The first page opens up and you have a choice between reading the story (or have it read to you), have a little Tea Party, Play Croquet or Color in some pages from the story.   There is also a section where you can practice your spelling.     We started with the story and we are told that Berry Bitty City (too cute) was buzzing with excitement for the Berryfest Ball and that this year there would be a special surprise... whoever found the hidden Berry Crown would be the princess!  There are some cute animations like when you touch the little strawberries holding strawberry balloons (of … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Felt Board by Software Smoothie


    My daughter and I were excited to review Felt Board by Software Smoothie because we both love to play around with the felt board I purchased for her a couple years ago.  It came with several different backgrounds and characters and we would make up stories about the characters.  So when we were asked to review Felt Board we both were intrigued!  The first page opens up and you can select different backgrounds.  There is one with a rainbow in the background, one with mountains, a river and even a farm.  You have over 35 backgrounds to play around with!  There is even a pirate ship,  so of course we started with that one first. One of the things I like about the graphics is the boards really do give you the feeling you are touching a real felt board - the texture is absolutely the same as you can in the image above. You then you get to choose which person you want in … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Alfie, Haathi and The Magic Bioscope


    The illustrations in Alfie, Haathi and The Magic Bioscope are just wonderful!  This storybook app was created by Growl Media with the intention of teaching kids about other cultures and languages.  The story is about Haathi and Alfie who are the best of friends - though an unlikely pair they might be.  You see, Haathi is a baby elephant and Alfie is young Indian boy who explore the animal kingdom together.  You have the option to have it read to you or you can read it to yourself.  I always like to have it read to us first because I like to hear how well the narrator does with the story.  I must say I  like how calming the narrator's voice is for Alfie, Haathi and The Magic Bioscope.  This lends itself to a nice afternoon read before naptime.  On the first page we are introduced to the main characters and Haathi explains that he is an Indian Elephant and Alfie and him … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Tickety Toc Bubble Time by Cupcake Digital


    My daughter and I have really enjoyed reviewing Cupcake Digitals latest storybook apps.  One of our favorites is the new Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock Game Day and we really enjoyed reviewing their latest Tickety Toc Bubble Time which features twins Tommy and Tallulah from the hit TV show Tickety Toc.  They live in a very special clock and love to have Tickety Toc adventures.  There is a Grown Up's Corner that provides some questions that you can go over with your children after the story such as "What did Tommy and Tallulah decide to do with McCoggin's bubble mixture?"  The Grown-Up's Corner supports ELA (English Language Arts) exploration of the story elements in which children are prompted to think and respond to questions asked about the story and characters.  They also offer Chime Time which supports math learning as children can practice telling time to the … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Grendel’s Great Escape


    We are excited to be reviewing Michelle Anaya's newly updated Grendel's Great Escape storybook app as we are big fans of her newest storybook app release Monster's Jam!  Grendel's Great Escape opens up with a picture of a young boy walking to school with his backpack on and a ferret sitting on top of it smiling at us.  We had the option to either Read it Ourselves or Have it Read to Us.  I usually like to start off with having it read to us so I can hear the narrator and how well they do with the storytelling.  I like Melissa Reizian Frank voice and she does a good job narrating the story.  We see Martin jumping out of bed (on the second alarm ring) and is looking to find his favorite monster Tee.  We are told to move the clothes around to help him find what he is looking for.  I can see why  this is his favorite T-shirt - it would probably be my daughter's as well.  … [Read more...]