App of the Week :: Tickety Toc Bubble Time by Cupcake Digital


    My daughter and I have really enjoyed reviewing Cupcake Digitals latest storybook apps.  One of our favorites is the new Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock Game Day and we really enjoyed reviewing their latest Tickety Toc Bubble Time which features twins Tommy and Tallulah from the hit TV show Tickety Toc.  They live in a very special clock and love to have Tickety Toc adventures.  There is a Grown Up's Corner that provides some questions that you can go over with your children after the story such as "What did Tommy and Tallulah decide to do with McCoggin's bubble mixture?"  The Grown-Up's Corner supports ELA (English Language Arts) exploration of the story elements in which children are prompted to think and respond to questions asked about the story and characters.  They also offer Chime Time which supports math learning as children can practice telling time to the … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Grendel’s Great Escape


    We are excited to be reviewing Michelle Anaya's newly updated Grendel's Great Escape storybook app as we are big fans of her newest storybook app release Monster's Jam!  Grendel's Great Escape opens up with a picture of a young boy walking to school with his backpack on and a ferret sitting on top of it smiling at us.  We had the option to either Read it Ourselves or Have it Read to Us.  I usually like to start off with having it read to us so I can hear the narrator and how well they do with the storytelling.  I like Melissa Reizian Frank voice and she does a good job narrating the story.  We see Martin jumping out of bed (on the second alarm ring) and is looking to find his favorite monster Tee.  We are told to move the clothes around to help him find what he is looking for.  I can see why  this is his favorite T-shirt - it would probably be my daughter's as well.  … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Wubbzy’s Dance Party


  The Wow Wow Wubbzy's song is very pretty popular around our household!  It is very catchy what can I say?!  The new Wow! Wow! Wuzzby app by Cupcake Digital is pretty catchy and quite fun as well!  The first page opens up and we can chose between three different color stars - a purple, blue and pink one.  Of course we started out with the purple star and the story starts off.  It was a busy day in Wuzzleburg.  Wubbzy and his friends were getting the Wubb Club ready for the annual dance party.  You can have it read to you or you can read it yourself.  Flying across the first page are two little blue birds that squawk when you touch them and fly across the screen.  You will also see little sparkles around areas you should touch.  When you touch them, the characters from the story come out and say hello.  This is a really fun addition and there are several places you are asked to … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: The Mighty League


    The Mighty League is Geek Club Books and Blackfish Children's Book latest storybook app release and we love the message it sends!  The back story to how the The Mighty League came about is very inspirational, and we had a chance to interview Jodi Murphy, who created Geek Club Books, to encourage children to see what makes them special.  Her son, Jonathan, has Asperger's but doesn't let anything stop him from realizing his dreams.  He is very active in theater and does voiceover work. But the journey to get to this point was a long one and one that Jodi shares on her website.  I love how the whole family got involved in this project as her daughter, Molly Murphy, wrote the story and Jonathan does some of the voiceovers.   The story opens up and we are told that only one brave soul dares to keep watch over the neighborhood.  He jumps out of bed, grab his … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: WordPlay by PicPocket Books and Muddyum


  WordPlay by Muddyum and PicPocket Books is a fun and challenging game that plays on words using everyday objects and household items.  WordPlay is a game, art, and word play challenge. The gallery quality images found in WordPlay are original images created with hand-lettering and found-object typography.  I really enjoyed seeing what the artist, Muddyum, came up with in her creations - they were all so clever! You use the visual clues in the unique art-quality photographs to solve the word puzzles in Muddyum’s WordPlay challenges. Three different game play modes offer a fun challenge for everyone. Compete with your friends for high scores in individual challenges, two-player mode, or in party game mode. WordPlay is also compatible with Apple TV. Additional puzzle packs are available through In-App-Purchase for .99.     The first page opens up and you … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Fraggle Rock Game Day by Cupcake Digital


I grew up watching Jim Henson's The Muppets and to this day have a soft spot for anything his company is connected to!  Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock Game Day by Cupcake Digital is so fun and lively!  Just open to the first page and you can see what I mean by lively - as you have the Fraggle Rock crew singing about "Dance your fears away, worries are for another day." You have the option to have it read to you or to read it yourself.  The main character is Red and  she announces that "Today is my Record-Breaking Day!" and she plans to "break records all day by doing everything faster... and higher... and LOUDER!"  Oh boy, are we in for a fun ride!  The animations are simple but I like that there are little sparkles that pop up to tell you where to touch on the screen.  When we touch the character they do a little dance or pop out of a rock, or in the case of the meat-eating plant (with teeth … [Read more...]

In the Spotlight :: Roxie Munro

Roxie Munro studio bst

    I met Roxie Munro through Karen Robertson's eBook What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One? How 27 Writers Did! where she and I (and 25 other authors) wrote about our journey as a children's storybook authors. This group of authors connect weekly with emails to let one another know about what is happening with their apps or books, radio or TV spots featuring their books and is a great group of authors who support one another.  Some have been published with traditional publishing houses and yet others have taken the indie author route. Roxie is the author/illustrator of more than 35 books for children and recent apps include:"Roxie's a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure," an interactive game app, and the 3-D app, "Roxie's DOORS." Out Fall 2013: K.W.I.i.StoryBooks (Kids Interactive Walk-in Story Books), with ten AR apps. Out August 2013: Slithery Snakes. Fourteen of her … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Gorilla Band 3D Interactive Storybook


                Author Graham Nunn of Wasabi Productions has put out another fun and interactive app with Gorilla Band 3D.  It is considered one of their most sophisticated app yet and takes you into a 3D jungle-world with an adorable cast of gorillas who learn to play instruments and form a fantastic band.  The first page opens up and we see a gorilla waving to us holding an electric guitar.  Our options are to Read the Book ourselves or have it read to us, Extras include Watch the Gorilla Dance, Play Studio Game, or they offer up More Songs.  At any time you can click the Main Menu and you are taken back to the start of the story.  There is also a section For Parents that you have to hold for at least 3 seconds for it to take you to the next screen.  here you are able to join their mailing list, visit the Wasabi website, share and follow them on Facebook and … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Monster Jam


    My daughter was begging me to review this new app from Blue Sandpiper Imprints called Monster Jam.  When I asked her why she was so excited about this app, she said "what's better than monster's playing music?"  I think the author, Michelle Anaya, has hit on something pretty special here.  Monster Jam is a storybook app that includes games and music activities. The first page opens up and we can either have it read to us or read it by ourselves.  We opted to have it read to us so we could enjoy playing the musical instruments and popping bubbles that came out of one of the monster's drinks.  But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.  The story is about a group of friends, Axe, Screech, Banger, Skyler, JD and Stones and made up the Ground Hogs band.  They were so excited because their band had made it into the local show and were now going to be "Mon-Stars" according to … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Lately Lily


  This is a fun storybook app and interactive game that we really enjoyed playing.  The first page opens up and we can choose between Chapter One to Chapter Four.  Each chapter has a different activity for us to do.  In Chapter One: A Sunny Yellow Suitcase, we are told that traveling Lily just received a letter from her oldest friend, Audrey, who lives in Paris, France who wants her to come out to join her for a concert at their favorite coffee shop. Lily's sidekick is a zebra called Zeborah, who tells us we have lots of packing to do. So off we go to help pack her bags and choose between her favorite dresses, shoes, hats and miscellaneous items such as a travel journal, camera and a cute necklace.  When we pick different items, Zeborah says things like "Oh, my favorite" and "Ohhh, accessories!"  He has a dry sense of humor that parents will enjoy. When we are done packing her … [Read more...]