Book of the Week: The Four Little Pigs


Pixel Mouse House has just released a new eBook called The Four Little Pigs.  Yes, that's right - four little pigs!  Written and illustrated by Jose Maria Cardona and edited by Ted Enik, this story opens up wth three slim, springy and fast brothers jumping around. Their youngest brother is a roly-poly, pudgy fellow who has a hard time keeping up with his siblings.  For example, when he tries to cross over the wood footbridge, it isn't strong enough to hold him up so plop he goes into the river for a surprise cold bath.  He also has a hard time jumping up high to bouncve the ball on his head like his brothers can do so easily.  The illustrations are fun and Jose Maria Cardona does a good job at showing the different emotions the brothers are feeling.  You can just image how they feel when a mean, lean and hungry-lookiing wolf shows up in their yard.  The four little pigs stop what … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me

The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me

Ink Robin is one of my favorite eBook publishers around!  Their stories are so rich with great characters, wonderful illustrations and quite funny.  They have recently launched The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me which is an interactive story set in rhyme about a little girl.  She has three rather large friends (a hippo, a rhino and an elephant) and the story takes us along for a journey in the day in the life of these four friends over the course of a week.   It's illustrated by a British artist (Lisa Hunt) and narrated by Julie Hill who also narrated their first app, Will & Kate. I love the little girl with her two missing front teeth and pigtails.  Julie Hill does a great job with the narration and the illustrations by Lisa Hunt are fantastic.  My six year old and I had a great time time uncovering her friends while they played hide and seek in her house.  The … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: The Sky is Falling


Recently I discovered the wonderful Pixel Mouse House publishing company that focuses on releasing quality eBooks .  The company is run by a group of talented illustrators who have been doing contracted work with the major players in the publishing industry for years.  They recently created Pixel Mouse House to tap into the eBook market.  Their new release The Sky is Falling by Tom La Padula reminds me of the stories our grandparents would enjoy reading.  The story is about Henny Penny who thinks that the sky is falling after being hit on the head by an acorn that fell from an old oak tree.  We join her  as she decides she must warn the King that the sky is falling and meets up with some of her friends Cocky Locky, Ducky Wucky and Goosey Loosey along the road to the King's castle.  You have to love these names! The crew head off to find the King to tell him the sky is falling and … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Boomerang Bear


Stuart Trotter is turning out to be one of my new favorite author/illustrators! His book Boomerang Bear is part of the Eddy and Teddy Book series. Boomerang Bear is a really sweet story about a little boy who thinks he has become "too big for Teddy," so he throws him out his window. Yikes! Poor Teddy! But guess what? The Boomerang Bear comes back, and back and back. No matter where Eddy tries to get rid of him - he even tries flushing him down the toilet - the appropriately name Boomerang Bear always manages to reappear! The story is quite clever and we even Little Red Riding Hood brings Teddy back after Eddy left him in the dark woods, and when he tied him to a rocket ship - an alien in a spaceship brings him back.  Our personal favorite was when Eddy left him on the ghost train... and a friendly ghost brought him back that night!  This is an entertaining story for children … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Neandersmall and the egg

Bish Bash Books has put out another adorable eBook with Neandersmall and the egg written and illustrated by Sam Walshaw. The story is about a young Neandersmall who lives in a cave with him mommy and daddy, who are called Neandertall.  One day he announces that he is going to go explore the jungle and try to bring back dinner for the family.  He soon comes upon the biggest egg he has ever seen in his entire life!  He wants to bring it home to show the family and the story takes us for a fun ride watching him try to push, roll, or pull it home.  I really like the animations as they are quite colorful and sweet.  The little neandersmall boy is adorable and it is fun watching him try to figure out how to bring back the biggest egg ever!  We watch him ride on top of it flowing down a river, snatched up by a dinosaur and even plops on top of a volcano.  Sam Walshaw has packed a lot of … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Scaredy Cat


  Bish Bash Books has created a sweet tale with Scaredy Cat by Stuart Trotter.  This adorable eBook starts off with a young scaredy cat who tells us all the things that he is afraid of such as monsters under his bed and creepy-crawlies that fill him with dread.  The illustrations are really sweet and Stuart Trotter has done a wonderful job at capturing all the things that little kids might be afraid of.   My daughter and I laughed at the part of the story where the kitty tells us that "I'm scared of flies, and wasps, and bees," and "I'm scared they'll make me eat my peas!"  Most of us know the challenges of getting our kids to eat their vegetables!  Each page is filled with the young cat telling us all the things in the world he is afraid of including wondering if there are sharks in the pool (I remember thinking this after seeing the movie Jaws) and that he is afraid … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Sassy Cassie


If you have a sassy little one you will find a kindred spirit in Sassy Cassie written and illustrated by PLA Schneider.  This is a cute story about Cassie who likes to enjoy doing her own thing which usually includes checking out her mom's "toy box" which happens to be filled with loads of fun things to get into such as makeup and paints. PLA does a nice job of portraying Cassie in all her silliness and headstrong ways.  The story takes us along with Cassie as she slips into her favorite princess dress and crown and heads outside to play with her brother.   She then enjoys having her picture taken by her dad and having a make-up tea party with her best pals. My daughter and I enjoyed reading how Cassie got herself in a bit of trouble as she wanted to add to her mom's paintings with her own additions... you can just image her mom's surprise when she comes into her art room to see … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Woodrow The White House Mouse

Woodrow the White House Mouse

We are reviewing another great book by Peter Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes that helps parents teach their children about what it means to be the President of the United States.  In Woodrow for President we found Woodrow running for President.  In Woodrow The White House Mouse, Woodrow and his family work and play in the White House.  We are introduced to the State Room, Oval Office and even the Easter Egg Roll on the lawn and the Christmas tree in the Blue Room.  Mr. and Mrs. Barnes are a great team and provide a fun way for parents to teach their children about the President and his duties. The book opens to a nice dedication: "We dedicate this book to all the presidents, first ladies, and their families, and to all the men and women who have served in the White House and executive branch -- thank you for your hard work and public service."  I think this a wonderful dedication as it … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Millie Fierce


  It is with great joy that I bring to you Millie Fierce.  The book is as fantastic as that title and is a fun children's picture book written by Jane Manning.  My daughter and I really enjoyed this story about little Millie who gets fed up with no one paying attention to her.  So she becomes... Millie Fierce and proceeds to do things to make sure people take notice.  But not necessarily the kind of attention she really wants deep down.  The illustrations are so wonderful and we really liked the illustration where Millie shows us her evil eye.  We laugh every time we come across this page!  I think the story helps to teach children that negative behavior  will get attention -  but is not necessarily the kind you want to get from those around you.  The story teaches that is better to act kind and do nice things for others to gain attention.  A good lesson for children to hear … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Woodrow for President


Woodrow for President by Peter W. Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes is the perfect picture book to help you teach your children about the electoral process in a fun and educational way. The story is about Woodrow G. Washingtail who is the governor of Moussouri and he is running for President of the United States of America.  Can you guess what animal 'ol Woodrow might be? If you guessed a mouse - you would be correct!  The story is cleverly written to include the process of running a campaign and has a great illustration of the National Headquarters with all of his volunteers helping to have him elected as President. It explains what a polical party is, what are politicians, and even describes the start of America's long political party history. I found the story easy to follow and my six-year old really enjoyed the story and was asking a ton of questions about what it means to run a … [Read more...]