Polka Dots Publishing offers a wide range of services for authors, developers and companies looking to expand their social media reach. From development of a website to organizing blog book tours, Polka Dots Publishing offers an opportunity for individuals and companies to build their brand and reach a large audience via social media channels.

Consulting Services Include:

Book/App Development and Marketing: If you are a new or established author, we offer expert advice on creating and marketing a successful app and/or eBook. We can provide you with expert advice on how to make your app stand apart from the thousands of apps available in the iTunes store. If you are releasing a book or eBook, we provide strategies on how to get your book noticed by Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Blog Book/App Tours and Giveaways: We will set up blog book/app tours and giveaways with our popular lifestyle and mommy bloggers.

Facebook Party: Polka Dots Publishing and our lifestyle site, dandelion moms, work together to provide individuals and companies an opportunity to reach a large audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  With over 750 million users worldwide, Facebook has become an important social media platform for companies looking for an engaged audience. Combined, we have over 130,000 page views per month and a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. We provide an opportunity to present your product or service in a fun and interactive environment with our subscribers.

What others in the industry are saying:

“Melissa is the Queen of Facebook when it comes to finding fun ways to engage her fans.”

~Karen Robertson, Author of “Treasure Kai” series.

Listed on Moms With Apps (MWA) Appreciation Page: Melissa Northway – for her stellar role as a party host during social media events.