Giving Back

This page is about organizations that are close to my heart and that I support in whatever means I am able to. From organizations that act as a support center for families of special needs children to groups that help to empower our girls and thus all children, each one holds a special place for me. They are all doing great work and I hope you take a moment to check them out!

Special Needs Organizations

iHelpSN Kids: This organization was started to provide support for families with special needs children. They feature families with special needs children who need iPads, apps and equipment that they might otherwise not be able to afford. You can read more about this wonderful group at:

Technology in Education: This is a great resource site for parents with special needs children. Siva, the founder of Technology in Education started the Facebook Page back in 2010 because he was searching for apps for his special needs children and wanted to have a one-stop place for other families facing similar circumstances. It has grown into a large supportive community that hosts Appy Facebook Parties as well as giveaways, and lists free or discounted apps. You can go here to read more about the group:

A4cwsn: This group was founded by Gary James after he found that the iPad helped his special needs son tremendously. They started with the 50 iPads/50 States/50 Children campaign where they provided 50 iPads in 50 States for 50 Children. A4cwsn is a supportive organization and provides iPads and works with developers to provide apps for families who might otherwise not be able to afford to purchase this technology for their child. You can read more about this group here:

Here is a Mom It Forward post about how the iPad has become Education’s Equalizer: http://

Organizations that Empower Girls

The Girl Effect: The Girl Effect is a wonderful organization that I came across a few years back. It is disturbing to see how young girls around the world and especially in developing countries are not provided with many choices except to get married at a young age, have children when they themselves are children and start a cycle of poverty. The Girl Effect programs offer opportunities for a different life and enables young girls to learn skills that will allow them more choices. They have a powerful video that I highly recommend you watch! And there are many ways to support their different campaigns and you can learn more here:

Here is a post I wrote for Mom It Forward about this wonderful and life-changing group:

And here is an interview with Julie Addicott of the Nike Foundation that supports the Girl Effect:

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