Paul Johnson

Paul was born a long time ago in England and grew up there beside the sea in a little town called Lyme Regis. He’s been drawing pictures and colouring (still English enough to spell it that way) them in for as long as he can remember and started his adult life as a carpet designer. Now married and living in Los Angeles, he became trendy during the Oscars of 2011 when the stuttering King of England movie won so many awards. Paul has no royal pedigree, but he is English and he does have a stutter, so two out of three isn’t bad.

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Jennifer Mercede

Jennifer Mercede is a professional painter living in Portland, Oregon.  Her spontaneous, colorful art has been featured on OPB’s Oregon Artbeat and reproductions are sold through the Land of Nod as well as Oopsy Daisy.  In 2011, she and fellow Portland artist Chris Haberman, were voted the My Soiree National Artist Champions in Vegas.  She enjoys sharing her free-spirited techniques in workshops for both adults and children.  Jennifer loves to doodle and draw and is happy to have the opportunity to illustrate Gerry the Giraffe, it has been an excellent learning experience.


She thanks Melissa Northway for her patience and her loving family, friends and fans for all their support.

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Carolyn Le

Carolyn Le’s illustrations has been published in the Los Angeles Times Kids Reading Room. She has received awards for her illustrations from the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators Los Angeles and Orange County Chapter. She also received a Merit Award from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. Carolyn lives in Orange County where she spends time writing and illustrating picture books and drawing napping family members.





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