Lesson Plans

If teachers are looking conduct a lesson plan centered on the book and app, we have lesson plans that fit the Common Core Standards that were designed by a National Board Certified Teacher. Please see my section called Activities and look for the Parents/Teachers Guides. These four activities and lesson plans are centered on the App and Book and can be used for Grade Level(s): 1-3. These lesson plans cover subjects such as Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.

*This is a unique opportunity to incorporate technology in activity to align with Common Core Standards College and Career Readiness.

Some of the Educational Features include:

*Reading: Improves fluency with highlighted text that corresponds with audio.

*Discussion Questions: Created to increase higher level thinking skills with upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

*Cross Curricular: In addition to literacy, this app/book addresses science and social studies.

*Social Skills: Treating others with kindness and respect.

Download Lesson Plans:

Smarty Activity: I’m a Teacher! (Common Core Standards Aligned) DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

Smarty Activity: My Nap Time Day Dream (Common Core Standards Aligned) DOWNLOAD PDF HERE