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Penelope the Purple Pirate is a TOP 25 iTunes Book App and was in What’s Hot for over four weeks in iTunes.

Penelope the Purple Pirate is a Finalist for Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards

Penelope has been chosen as an Award Finalist from Readers Favorite

Technology in Education chose Penelope for Best Apps of 2011

Chosen as a TOP 10 Educational iPad App by Digital Storytime

Chosen as a TOP 10 Must-Have eBook by lilsugar of

AppGrade included Penelope in their AppStar Picks TOP 250 highly reviewed apps


What readers are saying about Penelope the Purple Pirate:

“PicPocket Books is delighted to bring “Penelope the Purple Pirate” to the iPhone and iPad. Penelope is magical because her imaginative adventures resonate so clearly with many girls and boys. In a manner reminiscent to the iconic “Where The Wild Things Are,” the walls of Penelope’s bedroom open out into whole new vistas. We’ve already had requests from readers for more Penelope stories. Adventure awaits!”
-Lynette Mattke, PicPocket Books

“Penelope embodies many pro-social behaviors that are a good example for children to see and hear in a story.” ~Carisa Kluver from Digital Storytime

“Penelope the Purple Pirate is a fun interactive romp with Penelope and her charming friends…wonderful read and discover app with great visuals and sounds! Love the fun filled facts at the end to test everyone’s comprehension.”
Alexandra Uhl, owner of A Whale of a Tale Children’s Bookshoppe

“I am the principal at Madison Elementary School. We use iTouches in our instruction daily and are constantly on the lookout for great apps for all levels of learners. I found Penelope the Purple Pirate an entertaining story that engaged our students while encouraging them to follow along with the words as the story was read. This high-interest story and interactive format makes this app a winner!”
Michelle Hayes, principal of Madison Elementary School

“Penelope The Purple Pirate is an enjoyable story of a charming little girl who thinks she’s too old for a nap. She decides to go on adventure with her quirky friends, a dolphin, a sea turtle and an octopus. Penelope’s hunt for treasure is full of fun and adventure, and the wonder of exploration. This cute story for young readers touches on independence in an imaginary setting, as the bright illustrations bring the seashore to life.”
Marilee Crow, author of Down By The Shore

“The story is a great one and the app is just right for this type of tale. Nothing too flashy, instead it features helpful audio corresponding highlighted text as well as a few extras in the form of animation and audio sounds.”
Stephanie of And Twins Makes 5 chose Penelope the Purple Pirate for her Top 9 November App List: Read more

“I can’t say enough good things about Penelope! She is an adventurous, purple loving, imaginative little girl who takes us on fantastical journeys and teaches us things along the way.”
Emma Apple, Editor of Muslim Friendly Apps Read more

“Readers will fall in love with kindhearted Penelope.”
Kristen Schott, Children’s Book Editor, OC Family and IE Family Read more

“Penelope is a great fun and interactive storybook app where you and your kids will learn great animal facts.”
Nathalie van Ee, Fun Educational Apps Read more

“Penelope the Purple Pirate combines learning and play with this digital book.”
Lunchbox Reviews Read more

“Penelope embodies many pro-social behavior that are important for children to hear and see in a book.”
Carisa Kluver, Digital StoryTime Read more

“Penelope the Purple Pirate is a cute story sure to entertain the little ones in your home.”
Cristi, Pad Gadget Read more

“I enjoyed reading about Penelope’s pirate adventure. She’s a fun protagonist and it was nice to see a girl character having such a positive adventure.”
iPhone Mom Read more

“To be able to show a younger mind how others turn their own toys and/or room into something so much more was amazing.”
Andrea Gardner, Applicable 2 U Read more

“Penelope the Purple Pirate is a picture book app created that captures all of it’s audiences by it’s creative and educational storyline.”
Sidney, iViewapps Read more