Mrs.P and Polka Dots Publishing 25 Book Giveaway Winner


Mrs. P Be-A-Famous-Writer Contest ended on October 15th and had entries from over 15 states this year.  I had a chance to speak to Mrs. P about the contest this year. "We had an equal amount of entries for both categories this year, and a good mix of boys and girls.  Usually we have more entries in the older age group, but we had several classrooms in the younger age category enter which was great to see.  We did have entries from States we haven't had before like Maine and PA.  Technology has helped make entertainment for children immersing and visually spectacular. All the kid has to do, really, is sit there and be entertained. One of the reasons Mrs. P started the contest was to offer an option that requires the child to use her or his own imagination and creativity. We'd hate for that to become a lost art." "On a more selfish level, Mrs. P started the contest because she loves … [Read more...]