Penelope’s 2nd Birthday iPad Mini Giveaway


  We are very excited to be celebrating Penelope's 2nd birthday by offering another iPad Mini Giveaway! Our last iPad Mini Giveaway had thousands of entries and many left wonderful comments about how they would use the iPad Mini in their daily life.  I love that the iPad mini offers small hands a better grasp as well as the fact that it can be used for educational and play time for the kids.  There are so many wonderful apps to choose from these days!  Good luck to me best mates - we appreciate you and all your support over the past two years!  And make sure to check out our interview with the illustrator of Penelope, Paul Johnson, and read more about Penelope's next purple adventure!  The developers below have generously supported this iPad Mini Giveaway so please stop by their Facebook pages to say hello!  The information about each company was taken from their respective … [Read more...]

App of the Week: A Royal Little Pest


  I really enjoyed A Royal Little Pest written by Anita Reynolds MacArthur and illustrated by Karen Roy.  This is a great example of how a fun storybook app can teach little ones about the benefits of positive behavior.  The story starts out with us being introduced to Prince Hayden MacCheeky who is a real little prince who lives with his royal brother and sister, parents and royal dog, Goober, in their royal castle. Prince Hayden MacCheeky loves to play around with his brother and sister but not necessarily the way they would like to him to play with them.  You see – he is a bit of a pest and can’t understand why his siblings don’t like to play with him.  One day, he gets down and his mother asks him why he isn’t playing with his brother and sister and he tells her that he can’t understand why they don’t want to play with him.  Eventually, he has an idea and decides to be less of a … [Read more...]