Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighbhorhood


This week PBS KIDS announced the launch of Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a new app based on the hit series DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD.  Come see and explore Daniel Tiger's neighborhood in this fun new app.   We just love Daniel Tiger for many reasons!  I love how he and his friends help kids learn about the world around them in such a playful way! The new Explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood app is designed for kids ages 2-5, and extends the series’ social-emotional curriculum by encouraging open-ended, imaginative play. Bringing the neighborhood directly to your fingertips, the app allows kids to visit familiar places and create stories about their friend Daniel Tiger. If your children like Daniel Tiger, they will get a kick out of visiting the neighborhood and playing in the music store, at the doctors, and even decorate a cake at the bakery.  Warning: this … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash

Storm.main page

  Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash is a magical audio-visual tale that lasts a little over 45 minutes!!! The story starts out with the narrator that lets you know that Storm, a young boy, has recently moved to a new part of town with his mum, and his step-dad Baldwin. Storm isn't too keen on this situation; having left all of his friends, and especially his dad back on the other side of town. This allows you into the mind of Storm and how he's feeling with no friends and in a new area. Displaced. Baldwin, his step-dad, "can't even get a bookcase put together" [as he's been working on it for a couple of days, whereas his dad would have had it completed in hours]. So many kids can relate to this or may know/have friends that can so they are able to empathize. There are small swirling circles that will pop up at various moments throughout the chapters and … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Jerry’s Day Out! by Ink Robin


  Since app developer Ink Robin came on the scene last year, I have been a big fan of theirs.  Some of my all-time favorite storybook apps were developed by Ink Robin. If you haven't checked out my review of Piccadilly's Circus or The Hippo, The Rhino, The Elephant... And Me - you really should.  Both stories are wonderful and the illustrations in Piccadilly's Circus are dreamy (and it is quite funny).  Ink Robin just released Jerry's Day Out and it is filled with photographs around New York that the developers took themselves.  There is a really cute map that shows you all the main hot spots in New York such as the East Village, Greenwich Village, Chelse and Soho.  Then of course you have Upper West and East Side where we find the picture of the boy - so that must be where he lives.  At any time, you can go back to the map to take a new adventure for in each city is picture of a … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Gorilla Band 3D Interactive Storybook


                Author Graham Nunn of Wasabi Productions has put out another fun and interactive app with Gorilla Band 3D.  It is considered one of their most sophisticated app yet and takes you into a 3D jungle-world with an adorable cast of gorillas who learn to play instruments and form a fantastic band.  The first page opens up and we see a gorilla waving to us holding an electric guitar.  Our options are to Read the Book ourselves or have it read to us, Extras include Watch the Gorilla Dance, Play Studio Game, or they offer up More Songs.  At any time you can click the Main Menu and you are taken back to the start of the story.  There is also a section For Parents that you have to hold for at least 3 seconds for it to take you to the next screen.  here you are able to join their mailing list, visit the Wasabi website, share and follow them on Facebook and … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Pan: The Fearless Beribolt by Hullabalu


    Wow!  I am impressed with the Pan: The Fearless Beribolt storybook app from Hullabalu.   Pan: The Fearless Beribolt features an adorable purple panda named Pandora.  The developer sent me an email claiming that Penelope the Purple Pirate would most definitely be friends with Pandora the Purple Panda.  I think she is quite correct in that observation as they both like to have fun and be adventurous!  The first page opens up and we see Pandora inside a puffy cloud floating in the sky telling us to tap on the screen to get started.  Once we tap on the screen, she yells "Let's Go!"  The narrator tells us the back story of Pandora and the Beribolts tribe who called the clouds their home.  We are told: When an ancient force began to darken the winds, the tribe sent their most capable elders to investigate.  The storm soon calmed but the two never returned.  They left behind … [Read more...]