App of the Week :: Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash

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  Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash is a magical audio-visual tale that lasts a little over 45 minutes!!! The story starts out with the narrator that lets you know that Storm, a young boy, has recently moved to a new part of town with his mum, and his step-dad Baldwin. Storm isn't too keen on this situation; having left all of his friends, and especially his dad back on the other side of town. This allows you into the mind of Storm and how he's feeling with no friends and in a new area. Displaced. Baldwin, his step-dad, "can't even get a bookcase put together" [as he's been working on it for a couple of days, whereas his dad would have had it completed in hours]. So many kids can relate to this or may know/have friends that can so they are able to empathize. There are small swirling circles that will pop up at various moments throughout the chapters and … [Read more...]

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines


  The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines Chuck is back with his friends: Digger, Handy, Rowdy, Biggs, Boomer and Flip with 10 new episodes in "Rev Your Engines"! It's one of those dvd episode movies that can involve the whole family and create communication about the episodes where you actually feel good about what your child just watched. You'll also feel extremely happy yourself and won't mind watching it repeatedly or allowing your child to ask for it again and again. When cartoons are this good and of such quality and entertainment along with knowing that your child learned something while watching, well, you don't and won't squirm at giving some "tv time". That's what you get from Hasbro and Shout! Kids in their newest collaboration.    Each episode, as with all of "The Adventures of Chuck & Friends", is fun for the whole family that always … [Read more...]

Guest Post :: One Appy Mama Reviews Wondershare MobileGo


  Wondershare MobileGO for the iOS is WONDERFUL For the past week I have been using a companion application for my iPhone 5 that goes beyond what iTunes has to offer. When you first launch Wondershare MobileGo for iOS  you will plug your iDevice up to your USB cable (just as if you're using iTunes). It will detect your iPhone/iPad/iPod and then you have a ton of options at your fingertips. From backing up photos to even texts (sms - yes I said backing up your TEXTS!!!) importing/exporting songs (this is my favorite fave fave)!!! Along with your playlists, contacts (import/export - outlook/windows mail along with the usual). This makes iTunes so much more - more than just managing your purchases of apps and iCloud items. Wondershare MobileGo for iOS is the perfect companion to iTunes and worth the investment if you use your iPhone/iPad/iPod the way I do (or … [Read more...]

Halloween Giveaway


BOO!  Another year of goblins, pumpkins and zombies are upon us!  This is probably one of my favorite time of year as I love just about everything there is about this time, including the weather, style of clothes and of course Halloween!  I have so many great memories from Halloween as a kid and this was always a fun holiday in our household.  I am one of those neighbors who can barely make it through September before I start decorating for Halloween.  So, together with me mate Charly James, and our participating sponsors - we have come up with some fun and spooky Halloween goodies for Penelope's mates including: $25 Target card from Hamaguchi Apps ( 2 $10 iTunes gift cards from Ellie's Games ( $10 iTunes gift card from Penelope the Purple Pirate ( 5 promo codes from PicPocket Books for Boo! … [Read more...]