Book of the Week: President Adam’s Alligator And Other White House Pets


    Cheryl Shaw Barnes and Peter Barnes, the creative force behind Woodrow, the White House Mouse have recently launched a new children's book called President Adams' Alligator and Other White House Pets. The book is written for students at a 3rd grade reading level, and is a fun resource for learning about our presidents while appealing to children’s love of animals.  My daughter and I enjoyed reading about the various Presidents and the pets they had while in office.  For example, did you know President John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator? He kept it in a bathtub in the East Room of the White House. But President Adams wasn't the only commander-in-chief with an unusual pet. Along with a collection of dogs, cats, horses and birds, presidents and their families also had pet snakes, raccoons, bears, cows, mice, and more. Meet Thomas Jefferson’s mockingbird, who ate from … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Woodrow The White House Mouse

Woodrow the White House Mouse

We are reviewing another great book by Peter Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes that helps parents teach their children about what it means to be the President of the United States.  In Woodrow for President we found Woodrow running for President.  In Woodrow The White House Mouse, Woodrow and his family work and play in the White House.  We are introduced to the State Room, Oval Office and even the Easter Egg Roll on the lawn and the Christmas tree in the Blue Room.  Mr. and Mrs. Barnes are a great team and provide a fun way for parents to teach their children about the President and his duties. The book opens to a nice dedication: "We dedicate this book to all the presidents, first ladies, and their families, and to all the men and women who have served in the White House and executive branch -- thank you for your hard work and public service."  I think this a wonderful dedication as it … [Read more...]

Woodrow for President Children’s Picture Book Giveaway


Woodrow for President is a great children's picture book to help you teach your children about the electoral process. What it means to run for President of the United States, manage a campaign, organize volunteers, etc.  This cute book is very detailed oriented and thorough but easy enough for my six year old to follow the story. Make sure to read my interview with Cheryl Shaw Barnes, the illustrator and half of this husband-wife team who wrote this book in our Book of the Week section. They have provided us with two copies of Woodrow for President for some lucky mates!  Valued at $16.95 per book.  Good luck!   a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Woodrow for President


Woodrow for President by Peter W. Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes is the perfect picture book to help you teach your children about the electoral process in a fun and educational way. The story is about Woodrow G. Washingtail who is the governor of Moussouri and he is running for President of the United States of America.  Can you guess what animal 'ol Woodrow might be? If you guessed a mouse - you would be correct!  The story is cleverly written to include the process of running a campaign and has a great illustration of the National Headquarters with all of his volunteers helping to have him elected as President. It explains what a polical party is, what are politicians, and even describes the start of America's long political party history. I found the story easy to follow and my six-year old really enjoyed the story and was asking a ton of questions about what it means to run a … [Read more...]