Guest Post :: Cyndie Sebourn Talks About the September Silence


    Back to School!  I keep hearing jokes about the sounds of September – for moms that is.  Those sounds will include laying out the clothes your children want to wear the next day, packing lunch boxes or giving lunch money, waiting for the bus or car pool pickups, and then…silence.  HEAVENLY, PEACEFUL SILENCE!  Don’t moms just love this?   I never had that silence.  As an educator for twenty-five years, my Septembers consisted of laying out my sons’ clothes and mine, packing their lunches and mine, and driving us all to school.  No HEAVENLY, PEACEFUL SILENCE.  In fact, I can add in the ringing of bells, the learning of new students’ names, assigning seats, and most of all always being aware that I must first have their respect and then show them my love: the keys to a successful teacher.   For the mothers who have the September Silence, I have some … [Read more...]