Guest Post :: Cyndie Sebourn Talks About the September Silence


    Back to School!  I keep hearing jokes about the sounds of September – for moms that is.  Those sounds will include laying out the clothes your children want to wear the next day, packing lunch boxes or giving lunch money, waiting for the bus or car pool pickups, and then…silence.  HEAVENLY, PEACEFUL SILENCE!  Don’t moms just love this?   I never had that silence.  As an educator for twenty-five years, my Septembers consisted of laying out my sons’ clothes and mine, packing their lunches and mine, and driving us all to school.  No HEAVENLY, PEACEFUL SILENCE.  In fact, I can add in the ringing of bells, the learning of new students’ names, assigning seats, and most of all always being aware that I must first have their respect and then show them my love: the keys to a successful teacher.   For the mothers who have the September Silence, I have some … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Cyndie Sebourn of Sascyn Publishing


Apps With Curriculum: Empowering Educators   Apps With Curriculum is about curriculum, not just lesson plans. Curriculum embodies the subjects and planned learnings for an app; it is a summary of lessons. A lesson plan is just a detailed description of instruction for one class.  That is the difference. Apps With Curriculum is empowering educators with a course of study for each app that is cross curricular in subject areas and involves technology. For the public educators who need it, it also provides alignment to Common Core Standards as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy.  21st Century Learning Skills focus on collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  Project-Based Learning is the curriculum that best meets this requirement and empowers students to be College and Career ready.  Apps With Curriculum’s Project-Based Learning activities are in the curriculum of … [Read more...]

App of the Week: Smarty Britches Nouns sbn icon

    Cyndie Sebourn of Sascyn Publishing has done a wonderful job in creating a fun and educational app in Smarty Britches Nouns.  She has designed an app that makes learning about NOUNS quite entertaining.  No small feat when you think this subject matter can sometimes be tedious to learn by youngsters.  My six year old is playing with the app right at this moment as I write this review - she particularly likes the scenes with the family in the living room where dad is playing a Rock-n-Roll song on his guitar.  Are you intrigued yet? The app centers around Nouns and the different types of nouns.  We learn the definition of a noun and throughout the story are given examples of people, animal, idea and place nouns.  These lessons are set in a fun story to keep the little ones entertained.  We start in the bedroom of a cute Southern boy whose lighthouse toy lights up and makes … [Read more...]

Featured Guest Post by Cyndie Sebourn of Sascyn Publishing


This week Cyndie Sebourn of Sascyn Publishing wrote a great post about the importance of offering Apps With Curriculum for the educational and home schooling market.  Ms. Sebourn has put together a Reading Activity for both Penelope and Gerry the Giraffe that are aligned with the Common Core Standards.  I am so happy to be working with her and be able to provide  parents with an app that is fun to read and that can be used for educational purposes.  Apps with Curriculum in Education  Common Core State Standards are public education’s "essential" learning requirements for grades K-12.  These essentials are simply the basics that educators must teach. Gifted students will far exceed the "standards."  Special needs students will need modifications to achieve the standards.  Standards are not the evil monsters of education, lurking in each district to destroy achievement and limit … [Read more...]