Giveaway :: Dot Complicated by Randi Zuckerberg

Dot Complicated Book Cover Art

  As part of the Dot Complicated blogger crew I am happy to showcase Randi Zuckerberg's new book Dot Complicated - Untangling Our Wired Lives. You might have seen our interview with Randi Zuckerberg on dandelion moms.  She led the marketing efforts at Facebook during its growth from 2005 to 2011, alongside her famous brother, Mark Zuckerberg, but left to start her own media company called Zuckerberg Media. After she started a family she was inspired to form the new online community, Dot Complicated.  Dot Complicated was created by Zuckerberg and began earlier this year as an online community that discusses all the ways technology is intertwined into our daily lives. Her goal is to help people learn how to cope with this new digital world in such a way that we embrace these technological advances yet find balance in our lives. You can find interesting articles that help busy moms … [Read more...]