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      The Importance of Reading Over the Summer Months Summer officially starts June 21st and the lazy days of summer are upon us.  But as parents we don't want our children to fall behind in their reading skills.  According to Ron Fairchild, Founding CEO of the National Summer Learning Association states that "Kids who don't have educationally rich summers will be nearly three years behind their peers by the time they reach the end of fifth grade... Much like we would expect an athlete or a musician's performance to suffer if they don't practice regularly, the same thing is true for young people when it comes to reading performance." (Source: A number of studies have shown that reading over the summer can prevent "summer reading loss."  You can imagine that this loss is cumulative in that they don't catch up in the fall because their … [Read more...]

Literacy: Ways to Teach Children How to Read

Originally posted by Melissa Northway on Mom It Forward: Now looking back on my childhood, I realize I was fortunate that our house was filled with many types of books. My favorite time in school was the designated half-hour of reading in our Homeroom Class. Some students hated this time meant for reading, but it was the period I most looked forward to throughout the day. I don’t think it is an accident that coming from a family of readers, I in turn, absolutely love to read. I enjoy Young Adult (YA) Books, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and even Middle Grade (MG) Books! My husband does think I am (a bit) silly for reading MG and YA Books, but the good ones have interesting characters and storylines such as The Ember Series by Jeanne DuPrau and The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Research has found that the most … [Read more...]