App of the Week: Extraordinary Jenny Jones


This week we are featuring a new app, Extraordinary Jenny Jones released by the PaperPlane Company. The app and iBook launched this past week on the AppStore and iBookstore.  I have to say I immediately fell in love with the illustrations and title of the story. I love using tools that teach our kids about being extraordinary and using their imaginations!  Extraordinary Jenny Jones is about a little girl who sees the world through totally different eyes.  What everyone else sees as round, Jenny Jones sees as square. And the other way round.  Aimed at kids aged 6 and up, it’s a wonderful children’s tale about believing in yourself no matter how different you feel about things or even how you see the world.  These types of themes are a big hit in my household as I like to teach that it is okay to be different or to see things differently from those around you. The first page … [Read more...]