App of the Week :: Felt Board by Software Smoothie


    My daughter and I were excited to review Felt Board by Software Smoothie because we both love to play around with the felt board I purchased for her a couple years ago.  It came with several different backgrounds and characters and we would make up stories about the characters.  So when we were asked to review Felt Board we both were intrigued!  The first page opens up and you can select different backgrounds.  There is one with a rainbow in the background, one with mountains, a river and even a farm.  You have over 35 backgrounds to play around with!  There is even a pirate ship,  so of course we started with that one first. One of the things I like about the graphics is the boards really do give you the feeling you are touching a real felt board - the texture is absolutely the same as you can in the image above. You then you get to choose which person you want in … [Read more...]