Let’s Celebrate Giraffe’s Giveaway!

April 2013 121

  Did you know that Gerry the Giraffe was one of first stories I wrote after my daughter was born?  I was inspired to write about a giraffe because I do just love them so - from their gorgeous faces and eyes to their gentle demeanor. I had my writer's group help me with the story while I met with a couple illustrators to see about collaborating together on the book.  This was prior to the release of Penelope the Purple Pirate but I was working on both stories at the same time. I met one young woman who had just released her first book and she drew some pictures for me but they just didn't seem like the Gerry I had in my mind.  It wasn't until I saw a giraffe in the Land of Nod children's catalogue that I found what I thought Gerry should look like!  I remember just sitting at my kitchen table and said out loud "that is Gerry!".  I ended up contacting the artist, Jennifer … [Read more...]

Oceanhouse Media Dr. Seuss Birthday App Giveaway Winners


  There are a lot of Dr. Seuss fans out there - including our family as well!  Oceanhouse Media provided us with 25 codes to help celebrate this amazing writer and illustrators birthday on March 2nd.  We dropped five codes on Penelope's Facebook page the day of his birthday (hope you got one!) and 20 for a Giveaway.  We had over 1,000 entries!  Thank you all for participating. And the winners are: Holly L. Caulfield (won 2 times) Lisa Baker Seki Tyree Smith Jeanna Jernigan (won 3 times) Samantha Lemons Eric Van Reapenbusch Judit Kriss Juanita Harman Roach Jennifer Be Yvonne Jefferson Leanne Michelle Buckhout Norland Lisa Baney Koch Samantha Bodde-Spangler Carmen Nicoleta Christie Dwyer Martha Ford CONGRATULATIONS!  Stay tuned we have another fun giveaway coming up for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph! … [Read more...]

The AppStar Picks: Helps Parents to Select Quality Apps

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One of the reasons I started to review apps is because I wanted to provide some insight into what apps are worth spending your dollars on!  There are literally thousands of apps out there in the marketplace and it can be tough sometimes to know if they are worth purchasing.  When Nathalie van Ee, founder of Fun Educational Apps told me about a new app they put out called AppStar Picks which features the Top 250+ Apps that have been reviewed by independent and trusted App Review Sites - I thought that was such a great idea!  I was able to speak to Nathalie about how the idea came about and what parents can expect from this FREE app! Tell us how Appstar Picks came about? When I first started to get apps for the kids I quickly realised the potential the iPad, iPod and iPhone would offer. As a mum, I wanted to help my kids use their devices for more than just gaming and started to look … [Read more...]