Disney’s UP: My Name is Dug Giveaway Winners


 We just loved Dug from the movie UP and think Disney is wise to have created this great app called UP: My Name is Dug!  We had over 400 entries and some really great comments about people's favorite pet as a kid.  Our dog is a bit like Dug and from some of your comments apparently we are not alone! Congratulations to the winners of this fun app: Christie Dwyer Susan Poll Erin Eyster-McKain Seki Tyree Smith Jennifer Be   We will be emailing you your codes over the next couple days.  Thanks all for participating!   … [Read more...]

The American Presidents: New Disney App and Series Giveaway Winners


The American Presidents series is a wonderful set of DVD's that talk about American History and the important role of the American President.  In the series we learn about the changes seen throughout history from George Washington on up to President Obama Disney provided us with a set of the series that includes four DVD's for a Presidential Giveaway - just in time for the inauguration this month! And the lucky mate is.... Valerie Maples!  Congratulations Valerie! Thanks all for participating. … [Read more...]

Penelope’s Halloween Giveaway Winners


What a fun giveaway!  We had some great items thanks to our sponsors that included Hamaguchi Apps, Ellie's Games, Penelope, PicPocket Books, Halo Heaven.com and authors Merrily Kutner and J.H.Everett. We had over a 1,000 entries and the lucky winners are: $25 Target Gift Card fro Hamaguchi Apps: Jeannette Solimine 2 $10 iTunes Gift Card from Ellie's Games: Helen Wagner and Fides Caingcoy $10 iTunes Gift card from Penelope: Karen Grant Toleman 5 Promo codes to PicPocket Books Boo!:  Kate Feminella, Jan Bragiel, Frank Caingcoy, Jeannette Solimine, Lisa Wicks 5 Promo codes to PicPocket Books Night With Echo: Dana Hamiliton, Luna Raven, Mandy Aerts Arkfels, Tammy Harris, Christie Dwyer 2 Signed books by Merrily Kutner: Frank Caingcoy, Stacie Lorenzen Edwards 2 Signed books by J.H.Everett: Jennifer Hammond Hayes, Gloria Wilson Pirate Costume from Halo Heaven: … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winners for the Talk Like a Pirate Giveaway

Kate's birthday 053

We had almost 400 mates enter our Talk Like a Pirate Giveaway!  Loads of goodies in the treasure chest that is for sure!  Our Facebook Party on the 19th was a blast and we all got to TALK LIKE PIRATES for the night - argh, aye, matey, grog, ahoy could all be heard from the ship!  Please stop by these sponsors Facebook Pages as we couldn't have had this much pirate booty to hand out without them!  A simple hello, Like, and Ahoy matey would be great! The winners of the TLAP Giveaway are: $10 iTunes Gift Card from Penelope of Polka Dots Publishing: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Penelope-the-Purple-Pirate/184530521575620 and PicPocket Books: http://www.facebook.com/#!/PicPocketBooks- Christine Bash Roeske $10 iTunes Gift Card from Karen Robertson of Treasure Bound Books: http://www.facebook.com/#!/TreasureKai - Cindy Siebentritt Beeler $10 iTunes Gift Card from Cary Snowden of … [Read more...]

Dan Poynter’s eBook Award Celebration Giveaway


WOW!  We had over 400 entries for the Dan Poynter's eBook Award Celebration Giveaway!  I wanted to share in the good news about Penelope winning a Global eBook Award in the Children's Picture Book Category!  Thanks everyone for the good wishes and also for participating.  Here are the lucky winners: $25 Gift Card: Christy Dwyer J.H. Everett Haunted Histories: Jeannette Solimine Steve Bjorkman and Jeff Foxworthy Silly Street: Suzanne Hopf Penelope the Purple Pirate book: Ontoinette Threatt Penelope the Purple Pirate book: Charly James Gerry the Giraffe HD code: Fides Caingcoy Gerry the Giraffe HD code: Mary Mahon   Thanks again and make sure to check back as we are planning a really fantastic pirate giveaway and Facebook Party to celebrate our favorite day Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th! … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winners for the Children’s Book Insider Giveaway


WOW!  We had almost 500 entries for this fun giveaway!  Our sponsors were so fantastic and provided us with lots of treasure to hand out!  The Rafflecopter winners have been randomly selected and they are: 2 Subscriptions to the Children's Book Insider Fightin' Bookworm publication - J.H. Everett and Stefanie Smith 6 Promo codes for kidEBook new apps - Ashely Cahill, Monica, Trinidad, Vicki McMeans, Sharon Brown, Charly James and Heather Lynne Kaiser $20 Gift Card from Sascyn Publishing (Smarty Britches App) - Vicki McMeans Signed copy of Z is for Zombie for Merrily Kutner - Niamh Ni Mhochoir 2 Signed middle-grade book Haunted Histories by J.H. Everett - Lacey Wilkerson Long and Shay Bradely Signed children's book Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel (McDougall) - Alice Wershing 3 six month subscriptions to Magic Town by Mindshapes - Ashely Cahill, Lacey Wilkerson Long, … [Read more...]

Kid-Capsule Giveaway Winners Announced!


Zen Labs provided us with ten (10) promo codes to hand out for their wonderful Kid-Capsule App which helps you to organize all of your photo's on your iPhone.  I know this is a much needed app in my household and look forward to using it to organize the hundreds of pictures we have taken since we first bought the iPhone. Congratulations to the following mates who won a code (or two).  You can always gift a code forward to a friend who might need this helpful app! 1. Samantha Delaney 2. Susan Niemeyer 3. Monica Horn 4. Monica Horn 5. Marita Lightbody 6. Rebecca Cox 7. Vicki McMeans 8. Linda Schaefer McCrane 9. Linda Schaefer McCrane 10. Marita Lightbody Thanks all who participated and a big thanks to Anahelena at Zen Labs for providing us with these goodies!   … [Read more...]

Nina Lim’s Giveaway Winners Announced!

Super Harry's Rotten Luck Giveaway.IMG_3012

Nina Lim of Super Harry's Rotten Luck put together a really fun giveaway for Penelope's mates last week which included some goodies from Down Under that included stuffed animals, pens, notepads and cookie cutters.  Thanks to all who participated and entered and a big thanks to Nina for putting this fun giveaway together! The winners of this Australian Giveaway are: 1. Lisa McCormack 2. Christie Dwyer 3.  Bonnie Wegmann   … [Read more...]

Penelope’s Celebration Giveaway Winners


Thanks all for participating in Penelope's Celebration Giveaway this past week! There were loads of participants and I think we had over 900 entries! Our Facebook Party was a big hit and Author/Illustrator Steve Bjorkman joined us for the first part of the party to answer some questions about how he got into the business of illustrating and writing children's books. Plus he handed out some signed copies to his favorite books! And our friends at Disney, Oceanhouse Media, iStoryTime and Castlebuilders provided us with codes to some of their most popular apps! Thanks for joining us and celebrating that Penelope was chosen as a 2012 Award Finalist from Readers Favorite and a Dan Poytner Global eBook  Finalist - argh mateys she be happy! Stay tuned as we have planned another Facebook Event this next month with Mrs. P with much pirate booty to hand out at the party! Congratulations to … [Read more...]

SoGaBee Giveaway Winners Announced


Marcel Widarto was kind enough to provide us with some great goodies to hand out this past week.  We had seven (7) winners and they are: Monica Horn - won the 3" doll Frances Amato - $10 Gift Card Helen Wagner - Promo code to Hangman Sight Words Veronika Walshe - Promo code to Hangman Sight Words Christie Dwyer - Promo code to Spelling & Sight Words with Pixopop Anne-Cecile Larris - Promo code to Spelling & Sight Words with Pixopop Dina Maria Kyle - Original Sketch of Pixopop by the artist Thanks all for participating!  It was quite fun hearing about everyone's favorite stuffed animal as a child!  Mine was Raggedy Ann and Snoopy!  Wish I still had those two to give to my daughter... but there were very loved and didn't quite make it through the years! … [Read more...]