Halloween Giveaway


BOO!  Another year of goblins, pumpkins and zombies are upon us!  This is probably one of my favorite time of year as I love just about everything there is about this time, including the weather, style of clothes and of course Halloween!  I have so many great memories from Halloween as a kid and this was always a fun holiday in our household.  I am one of those neighbors who can barely make it through September before I start decorating for Halloween.  So, together with me mate Charly James, and our participating sponsors - we have come up with some fun and spooky Halloween goodies for Penelope's mates including: $25 Target card from Hamaguchi Apps (http://www.hamaguchiapps.com/) 2 $10 iTunes gift cards from Ellie's Games (www.elliesgames.com) $10 iTunes gift card from Penelope the Purple Pirate (www.melissanorthway.com 5 promo codes from PicPocket Books for Boo! … [Read more...]