Guest Post :: Naturopathic Physician and Author Heather Manley


  I  love what I am doing and creating. I am a naturopathic physician and the author of the kids’ book and curriculum series, Human Body Detectives (HBD). HBD educates kids in an enticing and engaging way on how their bodies work and what foods best fuel it. The series was slow in the making but once I made a connection between kids, the health of kids and the void of this human body and nutrition education in the classroom, everything began to fall into place. I was literally flipping pancakes one Sunday morning when I thought about writing a series based on the talks I was giving to elementary aged kids. The talks involved stethoscopes, some labs and engaging information on how the digestive system works and why we need to feed it well. They LOVED it. I did a little research at our local library and on line in hopes to find more information to enhance what I was … [Read more...]