Book of the Week: I Was Here First by Chen Cohen-Merary


  CastleBuilders BooClips recently released a really cute iBook called I Was Here First by Chen Cohen-Merary.  The illustrations are quite fun and most families have had this experience of a family pet who had to adjust when a new baby arrived.  Especially with dogs, who tend to be our surrogate children pre-babies!  I know our dog, Bear, was the center of our world until our daughter was born but luckily he was just protective of her and didn't have an issue with having to share his "pack".  I had a chance to correspond with Chen who resides in Israel to tell us more about how this story idea came about. Tell us how this idea for a children's book came about?  The idea of the story came to me from real life. My husband and I had a puppy long before we were married and became parents to our son. As long as we had only a dog - he was our baby and we treated him like one. After Amit … [Read more...]