In the Spotlight: Illustrator Paul Johnson of Penelope the Purple Pirate


    It seems like yesterday when Paul and I spoke for the first time about the possibility of working together on a story I had written about an adventurous little redhead. My father-in-law knew Paul's wife, Maria, from work and had put me in touch with him as he knew I was looking for an illustrator for a story I wrote called Penelope the Purple Pirate.  Paul was a recent transplant from England and told me he had always wanted to illustrate a children's book.  It took us a few tries to get Penelope "just right" but it sure was a fun journey watching Paul bring Penelope and her friends to life.  Every time he would send me a new illustration I would just smile from ear to ear as it was my dream to create a children's book as well! This month we are celebrating Penelope's 2nd birthday as she was released as a storybook app through PicPocket Books January 2011. I remember … [Read more...]