App of the Week :: Jerry’s Day Out! by Ink Robin


  Since app developer Ink Robin came on the scene last year, I have been a big fan of theirs.  Some of my all-time favorite storybook apps were developed by Ink Robin. If you haven't checked out my review of Piccadilly's Circus or The Hippo, The Rhino, The Elephant... And Me - you really should.  Both stories are wonderful and the illustrations in Piccadilly's Circus are dreamy (and it is quite funny).  Ink Robin just released Jerry's Day Out and it is filled with photographs around New York that the developers took themselves.  There is a really cute map that shows you all the main hot spots in New York such as the East Village, Greenwich Village, Chelse and Soho.  Then of course you have Upper West and East Side where we find the picture of the boy - so that must be where he lives.  At any time, you can go back to the map to take a new adventure for in each city is picture of a … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me

The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me

Ink Robin is one of my favorite eBook publishers around!  Their stories are so rich with great characters, wonderful illustrations and quite funny.  They have recently launched The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me which is an interactive story set in rhyme about a little girl.  She has three rather large friends (a hippo, a rhino and an elephant) and the story takes us along for a journey in the day in the life of these four friends over the course of a week.   It's illustrated by a British artist (Lisa Hunt) and narrated by Julie Hill who also narrated their first app, Will & Kate. I love the little girl with her two missing front teeth and pigtails.  Julie Hill does a great job with the narration and the illustrations by Lisa Hunt are fantastic.  My six year old and I had a great time time uncovering her friends while they played hide and seek in her house.  The … [Read more...]

App of the Week: Piccadilly’s Circus


It's storybook apps like Piccadilly's Circus by Developer Ink Robin that my job of reviewing apps fun!  I absolutely loved this story that is about one of my favorite subjects - the circus.  Mr. Piccadilly is the ringmaster of the circus troupe that includes a lion, bear, acrobats, tigers, etc.  One day, Mr. Piccadilly wasn't feeling well and he couldn't perform so they had to do the show without him.  Each of the animals and performers wanted to have this important job of being the ringmaster but who should do the job for the night?  Each person thought they should be the ringmaster and showed why their job was the hardest of the bunch.  For example, the dancing bear on the striped ball announces to all listening that HIS job was the most difficult! The illustrations are so wonderful and really add to this fun story! There are several quite silly pages where I am sure you will … [Read more...]