Book of the Week: Millie Fierce Sleeps Out


    Little girls can be strong and fierce and brave—and sometimes their ferocity is just the thing they need to save the day. Jane Manning wrote one of my favorite children's books I've reviewed over the past two years called , Millie Fierce, and she doesn't disappoint with her latest adventure with this rather fun-loving and feisty character.  Millie Fierce Sleeps Out is a sweet tale of a fierce little girl who knows that being too fierce can ruin parties or even make friends cry.  So she decided to keep herself fierce-free all summer long and was rewarded by her mother with promise of a sleep out.  Yes, a sleep over in her very own backyard!  She imaged it as adventurous as the Amazon jungle or even Mars!  There was so much to see and explore! Her best friend, Maya, was coming as was her cousin Lizzie.  She worked hard at planning this fun sleepover in … [Read more...]

Current Giveaway: Millie Fierce Picture Book by Jane Manning


This book has become one of our favorite books to read at night with our daughter.  She absolutely loves the fun illustrations and especially the page where Millie Fierce gives us the evil eye.  It is hysterical!  This is a great book to help teach children the difference between positive and negative behavior.  Millie is a great role model and this just might become a favorite in your household as well!  Read my review in our Book of the Week section and  interview with the author, Jane Manning, who has created a character we can all relate to!  Review:  We have one book to hand out to a lucky mate!  Good luck!     a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Millie Fierce


  It is with great joy that I bring to you Millie Fierce.  The book is as fantastic as that title and is a fun children's picture book written by Jane Manning.  My daughter and I really enjoyed this story about little Millie who gets fed up with no one paying attention to her.  So she becomes... Millie Fierce and proceeds to do things to make sure people take notice.  But not necessarily the kind of attention she really wants deep down.  The illustrations are so wonderful and we really liked the illustration where Millie shows us her evil eye.  We laugh every time we come across this page!  I think the story helps to teach children that negative behavior  will get attention -  but is not necessarily the kind you want to get from those around you.  The story teaches that is better to act kind and do nice things for others to gain attention.  A good lesson for children to hear … [Read more...]