App of the Week :: Alfie, Haathi and The Magic Bioscope


    The illustrations in Alfie, Haathi and The Magic Bioscope are just wonderful!  This storybook app was created by Growl Media with the intention of teaching kids about other cultures and languages.  The story is about Haathi and Alfie who are the best of friends - though an unlikely pair they might be.  You see, Haathi is a baby elephant and Alfie is young Indian boy who explore the animal kingdom together.  You have the option to have it read to you or you can read it to yourself.  I always like to have it read to us first because I like to hear how well the narrator does with the story.  I must say I  like how calming the narrator's voice is for Alfie, Haathi and The Magic Bioscope.  This lends itself to a nice afternoon read before naptime.  On the first page we are introduced to the main characters and Haathi explains that he is an Indian Elephant and Alfie and him … [Read more...]

App of the Week :: Lately Lily


  This is a fun storybook app and interactive game that we really enjoyed playing.  The first page opens up and we can choose between Chapter One to Chapter Four.  Each chapter has a different activity for us to do.  In Chapter One: A Sunny Yellow Suitcase, we are told that traveling Lily just received a letter from her oldest friend, Audrey, who lives in Paris, France who wants her to come out to join her for a concert at their favorite coffee shop. Lily's sidekick is a zebra called Zeborah, who tells us we have lots of packing to do. So off we go to help pack her bags and choose between her favorite dresses, shoes, hats and miscellaneous items such as a travel journal, camera and a cute necklace.  When we pick different items, Zeborah says things like "Oh, my favorite" and "Ohhh, accessories!"  He has a dry sense of humor that parents will enjoy. When we are done packing her … [Read more...]

App of the Week: Kids Learn Mandarin by Fingerprint

Kids Learn Mandarin ICON

Just this past week I was speaking to a mom at my daughter's school about wanting to get my six year old into some Mandarin classes.  I wasn't sure how she would do as I can't help her with Mandarin much as my husband and I don't speak it.  But with so many people speaking it around the world I felt it might be a good idea to have her learn at least some basics.  So when Fingerprint  asked me to review their newly released app Kids Learn Mandarin I was excited.  Now I could introduce my child to the basic vocabulary words without breaking the bank to see if she liked learning Mandarin!  Created in partnership with Hong Kong based Digital Learning Company, this immersive and vibrantly animated title improves on the original Kids Learn Mandarin app released in 2012, which was ranked as a Top 10 Education App in six countries. Kids Learn Mandarin for Fingerprint features the network’s … [Read more...]