App of the Week: Map My Globe

MapMyWorld.Title Screen

  Developer KidsAndBeyond have put out such a wonderful app with Map My Globe.  Just this week I wrote a post for a lifestyle website that talked about the benefits and importance of teaching our kids about the world around them.  This is the perfect addition to your educational library as it literally maps the globe.  The first page opens up with pictures of the different continents with pictures of flags and famous landmarks in each region.  If you push the blinking arrow it takes you to the next page where we can either have a young woman read to us or read it ourselves.  The introduction asks us if we have ever wondered what continent Nambia was in or what currency the country of Ecuador uses.  For any fun-facts loving kid (and adult) this app is filled with really interesting facts about the world! There is a user profile that offers five slots so that up to five … [Read more...]

App of the Week: Rhyme-n-Time with Jane and Blayne


Rhyme-n-Time with Jane and Blayne This is a fun and educational app that helps teach little ones how to match words that rhyme.  My five year old was able to pick which words would rhyme by looking at the picture and understanding what the word meant.  It was a fun exercise for her to practice how to recognize words that rhyme and she really enjoyed it.  That is always the best way to learn -  having fun! Here is an excerpt from their website about the app: An educational app that focuses on, as you might guess, rhyming. Your child will have to find words that rhyme and words that do not in a fun format. There is also a wonderful rhyming story that goes along with the game. You can keep track of how your child is doing on a stats screen we provide. It shows you how many questions were answered correctly on the first, second and third tries. This app will not only teach your … [Read more...]