App of the Week: 10 Fingers for 10 Digits


When my son saw the number blocks that came in mail he was very excited to try them out with this app. He was able to figure out how the blocks worked with the app quicker than I was. In the picture above the number blocks help with identifying numbers. So you put the number 4 block on your iPad and it shows 4 ladybugs in this case as well as saying 4.     In the above picture it shows how you can still use the app without having the number blocks. So the child put 2 fingers on one side and 3 fingers on the other side to practice addition. I find this section to be very useful for my son as he will be starting to learn about math soon at school.   In the picture above the number blocks help with identifying numbers as well. So when you put 8 fingers on your iPad and it shows the number 8 as well as saying 8. I look forward to using this app with my … [Read more...]

App of the Week: SoGaBee’s Math Facts


  Developer SoGaBee of Hangman Sightwords has come out with a fun new app called Math Facts.  Yes, I did just use the word "fun" and "math" in the same sentence!  For many children math can seem confusing and difficult but SoGaBee has managed to do what they did for learning sight words comprehension and with Math Facts, created a fun app to help with learning basic math skills.  And it is is fun - take my six year old daughter as a good case study - since we downloaded the app she is constantly going to this one first, even before her storybook apps.  The app opens up to a page where we have a choice to use different options such as Flash Card, Multiple Choice, or Fill In.  If you opt for the Flash Card option, we are taken to that page where we can select the operation we want to practice - such as addition, subtraction, division or the multiplication, and then we can … [Read more...]