App of the Week: The Prisoner of Carrot Castle

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  Teaching kids the importance of eating quality foods is something I am quite passionate about.  One of the reasons I decided to get my masters in nutrition was because I wanted to know how best to take care of myself and my family as I truy believe that healthy foods are key to good health.  So when I came across Chris Pedersen's app The Prisoner of Carrot Castle - I was sold as it teaches kids how to eat healthy in a fun way. Ms. Pedersen does a great job teaching little ones the importance of healthy foods set in a magical world and Kate Jeong has done a wonderful job at illustrating this gorgeous and fun story.   I had a chance to speak to Chris Pedersen about her company, Purple Carrot Books, and her fun storybook app The Prisoner of Carrot Castle.    Tell us how Purple Carrot Books came about? While The Prisoner of Carrot Castle was in development as an app, I decided to … [Read more...]