App of the Week :: Pan: The Fearless Beribolt by Hullabalu


    Wow!  I am impressed with the Pan: The Fearless Beribolt storybook app from Hullabalu.   Pan: The Fearless Beribolt features an adorable purple panda named Pandora.  The developer sent me an email claiming that Penelope the Purple Pirate would most definitely be friends with Pandora the Purple Panda.  I think she is quite correct in that observation as they both like to have fun and be adventurous!  The first page opens up and we see Pandora inside a puffy cloud floating in the sky telling us to tap on the screen to get started.  Once we tap on the screen, she yells "Let's Go!"  The narrator tells us the back story of Pandora and the Beribolts tribe who called the clouds their home.  We are told: When an ancient force began to darken the winds, the tribe sent their most capable elders to investigate.  The storm soon calmed but the two never returned.  They left behind … [Read more...]

App of the Week: Kids Fun


Kids Fun is an award-winning app that provides hours of entertainment for children's ages two to about six years old.  The graphics are wonderful and the sound effects charming.  The first page opens up and we can choose which animal/game we want to start with.  There are over 70 activities in included in the app including puzzles, matching games, coloring, memory games (which my six year old really enjoyed), hide-and-seek, dot-to-dot, stickers and more!  You can see why Kids Fun has been sold in over 60 countries! One of the things I really liked was the simplicity of the activities.  Your child will easily be able to figure out what each game requires.  And if your child isn't reading yet - no problem as there are no words in the entire app.  Again, the activities are easy enough to figure out what is required to do but will keep them interested in the task-at-hand.  Another feature … [Read more...]