App of the Week: Brush of Truth (8)

The Brush of Truth storybook app, written by Julie Landry Laviolette, is quite delightful and full of wonderful adventures for children ages 8-12 years of age. The story allows the reader to choose different paths you would take in the story and has 65 decision points that offers 20 different endings. The story places you and your sister, Erin, at a beach where you discover a magical paintbrush that once belonged to a medieval sorcerer. I bet you are intrigued now! As you uncover the magical powers of the paintbrush, you encounter a sea goddess, explore along the ocean floor and even get trapped in a sand castle. Middle-grade children will love the chance to chose different paths for the story and will keep coming back to try-out different story-lines to see what will happen! I know I went back several times to see where the story would progress. It is full of magic, adventure and … [Read more...]