Penelope’s iPad Mini Holiday Giveaway Winner

PPP Holiday banner 850x315 V1

AHOY!  We had over 13,000 entries for the iPad Mini Holiday Giveaway with loads and loads of shares on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you for sharing your stories and telling us how you would use the iPad Mini with your family.  Many entries talked about how this device could help their special needs child or grandchild and it touched us deeply!  Please make sure to enter our next giveaway going on now until the end of December.  Winner announced January 1st. A BIG THANK YOU to the developers listed above for without their support we couldn't have been able to provide this giveaway! Plus they are providing codes for the winners of both iPads and domeo products is donating an iPad Mini case! Happy Holidays! And the WINNER of the Penelope iPad Mini Holiday Giveaway is... CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca Beesley!  … [Read more...]

Penelope’s Mini iPad Holiday Giveaway

PPP Holiday banner 850x315 V1

Last year I was able to be part of a family who were the recipients of an iPad for their special needs child through a program that donated 50 iPads in 50 States in 50 Days.  It was an eye-opening experience as I was able to see firsthand how much these devices can help children, especially children on the spectrum.  We have gathered some developers to help put one of these devices into the hands of a family - just in time for the holidays!  There are 8 developers who have sponsored the iPad Mini and Domeo Products has donated cases for all of the giveaway winners (we have four giveaways total going on til the end of December!).  Plus Disney and PBS Kids will donate some codes to their popular apps and all the developers participating have also generously donated codes.  I love to see when good folk come together to help others. We couldn't have done this without the help of the … [Read more...]

App of the Week: SoGaBee’s Math Facts


  Developer SoGaBee of Hangman Sightwords has come out with a fun new app called Math Facts.  Yes, I did just use the word "fun" and "math" in the same sentence!  For many children math can seem confusing and difficult but SoGaBee has managed to do what they did for learning sight words comprehension and with Math Facts, created a fun app to help with learning basic math skills.  And it is is fun - take my six year old daughter as a good case study - since we downloaded the app she is constantly going to this one first, even before her storybook apps.  The app opens up to a page where we have a choice to use different options such as Flash Card, Multiple Choice, or Fill In.  If you opt for the Flash Card option, we are taken to that page where we can select the operation we want to practice - such as addition, subtraction, division or the multiplication, and then we can … [Read more...]

SoGaBee Giveaway Winners Announced


Marcel Widarto was kind enough to provide us with some great goodies to hand out this past week.  We had seven (7) winners and they are: Monica Horn - won the 3" doll Frances Amato - $10 Gift Card Helen Wagner - Promo code to Hangman Sight Words Veronika Walshe - Promo code to Hangman Sight Words Christie Dwyer - Promo code to Spelling & Sight Words with Pixopop Anne-Cecile Larris - Promo code to Spelling & Sight Words with Pixopop Dina Maria Kyle - Original Sketch of Pixopop by the artist Thanks all for participating!  It was quite fun hearing about everyone's favorite stuffed animal as a child!  Mine was Raggedy Ann and Snoopy!  Wish I still had those two to give to my daughter... but there were very loved and didn't quite make it through the years! … [Read more...]

New Giveaway by SoGaBee!


  Marcel Widarto of SoGaBee who has put out such great apps as Hangman Sight Words and Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop and has provided us with some super fantastic prizes!  There are seven (7) chances to win some fun goodies such as this adorable 3" tall Pixopop doll!  I told him I HAD to have one as it is too cute!  They are not available anywhere else at the moment so enter for a chance to win this or a mini-sketch of Stitch from the artist among other treasures!    Good luck mates! You can read my review of Pixopop Sight Words here: a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

In the Spotlight With Marcel Widarto of SOGABEE


Developer Marcel Widarto of Sogabee released Sightwords Hangman last year after he saw a need to provide an educational app that could help early elementary students practice their sight words - words that their teacher requires them to know by the end of the school year. He literally took the words from his daughter's list that was sent home from school and decided that he would make an app. Marcel explains more below in our interview about how the idea came to him.   His initiative shows us that anything is possible if you set your mind to it!  And I have to say I am quite impressed with the quality of Sight Words Hangman and his new release, Pixopop Sight Words.  Here is what Marcel had to say about getting into this business of producing  apps: Why did you decide to make these educational apps? I actually stumbled into educational apps by accidents. When I decided that I … [Read more...]